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Did you know that I’m racist, ignorant, and dense? According to 2 people in a thread about some girl’s website, I have been declared a racist, ignorant, and dense. Why? Because I said Ebonics was a disgusting misuse of the English language. Apparently, that statement means I hate African Americans and their culture. It also somehow means that I’m uneducated and unaware. As for dense, I guess because I don’t agree with the two people, I’m just automatically “dense”. I would call it stubbornness.

So, what did I ACTUALLY mean by my comment? I meant that according to the standards for the English language, Ebonics is a gross misuse of the language. It deviates from the standards of the language severely. It causes people to use words like “bidnezz” instead of “business” and “ma” instead of “my”. I don’t like Ebonics. I never have. That doesn’t mean I hate black people. I’ve never hated anyone, and I don’t intend to start with any entire race of people. If I am so intolerant of blacks, then why the Hell would I go to Alabama A&M? How could a racist go to a predominantly black school?

I’ve tried to explain to these two people what I meant, but they refuse to acknowledge anything that I’m saying. They keep using insults and excuses. I’ve tried to keep things civil, but they just keep stooping to new lows. Anytime I say something, I have to be ignorant. I don’t think they’ve even bothered reading what I have to say because I keep having to explain the same things over and over again.

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