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I went for my physical today. I had to get stuck 4 different times–once for a Syphilis test, once was a Hepatitis B immunization (I have 2 more to go), once was to test my blood levels, and once was for a TB test. I had to have all of this done so that I can go to school. I found out something interesting, though. They don’t do Syphilis tests for mixed schools or for “white schools”, usually…just ones with a predominantly black population. Does that seem fair? I mean, I’m not saying they shouldn’t do the tests…I think they should. They should probably test for ALL STDs, but they shouldn’t just do it at “black schools”. Don’t people of all colors going to all schools deserve to know whether or not they’ve been infected with a disease that will possibly kill them or will cause them problems for the rest of their life? Don’t people have a right to know what’s going on with their own bodies?

So, the title of this entry is “My liver hurts” because after I had my Hepatitis B shot, I told my mom that my liver hurt. (Hepatitis B is a liver disease, btw.) It became a little joke between us. Everytime I would say something, my mom would reply, “and your liver hurts.” So, it’s one of those “you had to be there” moments. (BTW – my liver didn’t actually hurt.)

Tara, yes, the incident/person to whom I am referring to is the person who I discussed on Celestial. It’s gotten a little worse, as she’s now told me that I’m a liar. 🙄 Yeah, right…like I’d lie about the member list problem. Whatever.

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8 thoughts on “My liver hurts

  • Shannon

    The truth will come out & people will see what a liar she really is. Just keep your head up. 🙂

  • Tara

    Bah, I dont know either of the parties in this so i just posted on what it seems to me but Im so sorry you got caught in the middle of this, its so unfair.

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