Nasty… 2

I feel sick. I shouldn’t have eaten that piece of brownie biscotti. I shouldn’t eat anything with sugar ever again. Its weird. After the surgery, we’re told not to have sugar because it can make you sick. Well, it didn’t make me sick at first, but now (almost a year later) it is making me sick. What’s up with that? I feel so nauseated and kind of dizzy. Not good. No more sugar for me, until I forget how sick this is making me feel.

So, I’m involved in a bit of online drama again. I’d prefer to keep it off my blog, which is why I’ve written about it in a couple of Friends Only entries in my LiveJournal. If I had it on here, then some people would probably come here and leave me tons of rude comments, which I don’t want. I want the ability to rant and to monitor the responses, which ranting on my LJ allows me to do. Anyways…I e-mailed the person who I’m involved in the drama with because she keeps portraying me like I’m the bad guy, which is unfair because I haven’t done anything to deserve to be portrayed as the bad guy. I asked one simple question. That’s all.

I have a physical tomorrow. I had forgotten about it until I looked at my calendar on my site. I hate physicals. I have to wear my glasses to the darn thing so that the doctor won’t make me go get my eyes checked out.

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  • Tara

    Is this the same thing that we’re talking about at Celestial? I’m sorry its being a pain for you drama is never nice, I would say just try and ignore it but I know its hard to do when people are saying mean things.

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