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I’ve opened 4 fanlistings in the past 24 hours. Actually, I adopted 3 of them. They are: Alias: 2.02 – Trust Me, Friends: 8.01 – The One After “I Do”, Friends: 9.01 – The One Where No One Proposes, and “Brave New Girl” by Britney Spears. So, if anyone likes those subjects, please go join the fanlistings. 🙂 I still want to make some more new button/codes for TOW No One Proposes and maybe some more for “Brave New Girl”.

Oh, you know the fanlisting collectives/banner exchanges I opened not too long ago? Well, they’re doing fairly well. They’re actually getting more members each day, which really rocks. Of course, it helped yesterday when I was able to add 2 fanlistings (of my own) to There For You and 1 fanlisting to Secret Identities.

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