4 that I crave

I applied for 4 fanlistings in the past 24 hours. I hope I at least get one of them, but I’ve got this feeling that I won’t get any of them. Two of them are ones that are on my fanlistings wishlist, and the other two would be on the list if I owned the first two already. One of the fanlistings is actually for my all-time favorite Alias episode “The Prophecy”. I absolutely adore that episode, so I’m hoping that if I get any of the 4 fanlistings that its that one. I think I know who makes up the “competition” and, if I’m right, I’m screwed. 🙁 I know that they’re just fanlistings, but these are fanlistings that I would adore more than just about any other fanlisting I own (with the exception of Hounds and a couple of others). I might even adore them more than those fanlistings. I just hope that Adrienne picks me.

I probably sound pathetic whimpering about fanlistings, but I don’t care.

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