Drive, He Said 3

Okay, I got back online about an hour and a half ago to write a blog entry. Have I written it yet? No. So, I guess here goes.

I had a psychiatrist appointment yesterday. My doctor asked me if my anxiety had gotten any better. I told him the truth, which is that it hasn’t. So, guess what? He lowered my Effexor back to 150 mg and he put me on Klonopin. I’ve been on Klonopin before. When I was 17, I was put on Klonopin as a way to help ease me off of all of my anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic drugs that the idiot physician’s assistant I had been going to had put me on. I only have to take it “as needed” which is different from the “3 times a day” that I had to take it before. So far I’ve taken it once…this morning.

So, why did I take it this morning? I had a psychologist appointment and to just get in the car, I needed something to calm my nerves. It definitely calmed them. I was so drowsy during my appointment that I almost fell over asleep a couple of times. Actually, I wasn’t really that sleepy. I was just woozy. Anyways…my psychologist was a bit shocked that my anxiety had been bad enough that I needed to be put on medication to help control it. I guess I hadn’t stressed the anxiety levels with him.

Both my psychiatrist and my psychologist want me to learn to drive. They’re not alone. My mom and dad have been trying to get me to learn to drive. My mom wants me to at least get my permit before the end of the summer. I may be able to do that, but to drive? I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do that. My psychiatrist said that he wanted me to be driving by the time I go back to see him next month. Haha. Yeah, right. Luckily, my psychologist is being a little more lenient. He just wants me to set a time to get my permit. He said I need to learn to drive gradually…not really fast. I think he wants me to feel safe when I’m learning to drive, which is good. I don’t know that learning to drive will ever make me feel safe, though.

I opened a new fanlisting last night. It’s for the 100th episode of Friends. I decided to call it Pride and Joy. Why? Well, its the episode where Phoebe gives birth to her brother’s babies. (If you don’t watch Friends, that will sound like such a “hick-ish” line.) I was approved for that fanlisting at like 9:30 last night and I had it up with all of its codes by a little after 11:30.

You know the movie Fahrenheit 9/11? I would like to see it. I won’t go to see it in the theaters. I spent my movie theater money on HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It doesn’t really matter, though. I don’t think it is even showing in my town. Isn’t that great? It’s probably because this is Alabama and supposedly everyone here is a worshipper of the GOP. That’s not true, obviously.

Thank you to those of you who congratulated me on my receiving the Scholarship Grant. I really appreciate your kind words. 🙂

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