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Okay, so it seems like every day there’s a new rude question/comment in my Q and A page. What is going on? I get that some people out there don’t like me or are immature, but what’s with the sudden influx of rudeness? I mean, why did someone feel the need to ask me why they hate me? Are they trying to upset me or get me down? Honestly, what its doing is annoying me. I’ve accepted that some people aren’t going to like me. I’ve accepted that there are, in fact, people who will hate me. Having people constantly asking me rude questions isn’t going to make me suddenly realize that I’m unliked by some people. I’ve already realized this little fact. 🙄 I just wish I knew why people feel the need to express their dislike of me so often. Why even waste any time here if you don’t like me so much? Why not just go away and not come back? Wouldn’t that make more sense?

Last night, I was surfing around JetRockit and someone had posted pictures of their room. The person had all this frog stuff. Well, I started to get a little sad and depressed. It reminded me of Stephanie (my former foster sister) because she was obsessed with frogs. Sometimes I think that this whole getting depressed over her is ridiculous. She only lived here for a little less than a year and a half, and that was back in 1999-2000. I should be able to not get upset over things by now, shouldn’t I? Still, I get upset because to me, she’ll always be my little sister. She was the little sister I had always wanted and she just fit perfectly into my family. I haven’t even seen her since 2001, but I still miss her. I wonder what’s going on in her life. I’d heard at one point that she was pregnant. I wonder if she had the baby, and if she did, I wonder if she kept it, what she named it, etc. I just can’t help from worrying about her or thinking that things would’ve been better (for the both of us) if she had stayed here instead of moving in with her aunt and uncle.

I sent in my 250-word handwritten essay for my Post Secondary Diversity Scholarship today. :notebook: Hopefully, it will help me to get some extra assistance in paying for my college education. I really need that extra assistance.

So, TFL has been having problems recently. I hope they get everything fixed soon. I applied several weeks ago for the Alias: Season 3 fanlisting, and I want to know if I got it. I hope I did. I really, really want to run this fanlisting. I know a lot of people thought the 3rd season sucked, but I enjoyed it a lot. If don’t get to run it, then I hope someone good gets it and takes really good care of it.

Molly is having tummy troubles again, so my mom and I took her to the vet. :dog: The doctor said that he thought it was just stress this time. We thought it could’ve been because she’d gotten ahold of a pack of sewing needles, but the vet did an X-Ray and there were no needles in her. I hope she gets to feeling better really soon. I hate for her to be sick. Oh, while we were at the vet’s office, we found out that one of the lumps that was removed was benign and the rest of the lumps were inflammation. That’s some pretty good news.

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6 thoughts on “This is getting ridiculous

  • raelynn

    OMG I love Alias! This season was so good and they always live you on cliffhangers. I cant wait til it starts up again 😀

  • Amanda

    What can I say? Some people are just idiots and they never grow up.

    Glad that the doggie didn’t swallow any needles, bless her heart! I’m sending some feel better vibes her way.

    Have you any way of contacting the foster sister? Maybe she’d like to hear from you just as much as you’d like to hear from her.

  • porsha
  • Sarah
  • Sarah
  • Kaylyn

    If you haven’t done so already, try contacting her. Plan a get together or something.

    Ignore the stupid people from the Q and A. You could always block them from the site. There is a way of finding their IP adress and blocking it.

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