Destructo Girl 6

Last night I was up until really late thanks to severe weather that was coming into this area. There was a tornado warning for just about every county in this area, including Madison County (where I live). Luckily, the storm with the “tornado” in it was on the other end of the county from me. Of course, it still scared me half to death. I couldn’t sleep until I knew it was safe. Storms really scare me. I know a lot of people are calmed by thunderstorms, but not me.

My throat still hurts some. :sick: I would drink some ice water if I thought it would make it better, but swallowing only seems to make things worse. I don’t really want to chance feeling anymore pain.

Speaking of pain, I hurt my knee this afternoon. Actually, I didn’t hurt it. My mom and I had Xander and Molly outside, and they were getting rambunctious. Well, they started running and both of them slammed into my knee and popped it backward a bit. It didn’t like break and pop backward like what happens with athletes. It just kind of bent back in a hyperextended sort of way. So, it still aches. It hurts if I put it in the wrong position. Just my luck, huh?

Molly is barking very loudly right now at the guinea pigs. :puppy: When she’s not barking, she’s running around being “Destructo Girl”, which is an improvement from her days as “Cujo”. She’s a rather loud and hyper Basset Hound. I mean, when you think of a Basset, you think of a quiet and relaxed dog. Not Molly. She’s rambunctious. I still love her, but she’s just not what I expected.

I’m really looking forward to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. :movies: I feel kind of like a little kid because I’m so excited about it. Of course, it’ll be the first movie I’ve been to since my birthday in 2002 when I saw Crossroads, which of course, I’ve probably shared before…several times. My mom asked me today if I wanted to go on Friday, and I told her that I did. I’m a little worried about going on Friday, though. My mom and I both have a bit of a problem with crowds, so it might not be such a good idea for the two of us to be there on Friday. Still, I really want to see the movie as soon as I can.

Right now my external hard drive is not functioning properly. :computer: I hope its not really screwed up. I don’t want to lose all the files I have on it. That would not be good. Opera and Mozilla are both on that hard drive, so right now I’m having to use IE. I’m not really upset that I have to use IE, but I prefer to do some things on Mozilla and Opera because of the whole tabbed browsing thing. Blah. I can deal without those two programs though.

Tomorrow’s the Primary Election. (I know, Alabama is one of the last states to do a Primary.) I’m tempted to vote in the Republican Primary, even though I’m a Democrat. Why? Well, I want to make sure that Tom Parker doesn’t get the nomination for Supreme Court Justice. He’s got no experience as a judge. His big “achievement” is that he is being supported by Roy Moore, the former Supreme Court Chief Justice who refused to follow a judicial order to remove the Ten Commandments. (That means he broke the law willingly.) Parker’s ads remark how he will basically be just like Moore. I don’t want another SCJ who refuses to follow the law and causes the state to have to pay the fines that occurred because he was too ignorant to follow the law.

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  • Emily

    I live in Memphis, and we had really bad weather last night, too. I’ve lived through a million bad storms, but I still get scared when the tornado sirens go off.

  • Chloe

    OH JANET! I GOT BUFFY SEASON SIX NOW! booyah! and a new site, eh? well, i share one w/leis now. Missssss yoooou! <3

  • Mia

    Storms scare the crap out of me too. I think you got what past through here(Nebraska) a few days ago, but *shrugs*

    I’m soo excited about seeing Harry Potter also. I got tickets for Friday and I’ve been jumping up and down all day.

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