Crazy Psycho Neighbors 4

Remember Crazy Psycho Woman? Well, she doesn’t compare to the newest of the Crazy Psycho Neighbors. Last night, my dad was walking Xander and Molly at about 9, like he usually does. Well, this time a guy who lives on the same street as Crazy Psycho Woman was there to harass him. And when I say harass, I mean harass. This guy decided not only to warn my dad not to let the dogs poop in his yard, he decided to threaten both my dad and the dogs. He said he would shoot Xander and/or Molly if they tried to poop in his yard. (They were on the sidewalk, btw.) Then, he chased my dad down the sidewalk, until my dad was no longer near the guy’s house. My dad said the guy was drinking, so that kind of explains his behavior. Still, its very scary. My dad called the police to let them know what happened (in case the guy actually did decide to shoot an animal or a person), but he didn’t file a report, so they won’t be keeping a record of what happened. Anyways…I don’t ever want to go on that street again because of this. I don’t even want to ride past that house. It was one thing to have Crazy Psycho Woman practically stalking us as we walked past her house. It’s a completely different story to have someone threaten to shoot or kill you or your family (pets included). Gee…and people question my sanity. At least I’m not a danger to myself or others.

So, next Tuesday is the Primary Election. Alabama is one of the last states in the U.S. to have a primary, so we don’t really get a say in the whole Presidential thing until the regular Voting Day. Anyways…thanks to the Primary that’s coming up, there have been a lot of ads for “Conservatives” and “Republicans”. Some of the ads just tout the religiousness of the person running or the “Conservative values” that the person has. Others, though, bash liberals and make it sound like being the slightest bit liberal is like having a contagious disease. It’s ridiculous. Being a liberal in Alabama is quite difficult. It’s one of those things you don’t go around announcing to people because you might get lynched. Okay, maybe not lynched, but being liberal in this state does cause some tension.

Sometimes I get annoyed when I receive certain questions on the Q&A page. Typically, if they annoy me too much, I’ll just delete the question and ignore it. This time, though, I decided against deleting it. Not only did I not deleted it, I answered it on the Q&A page and I’m posting the answer here as well. So, here’s the question:

Do you think maybe the person who left the anonymous comment is annoyed not that you discuss your problems or that, indeed, you do have them… but that you seem to whine about them? A lot?

My answer:

I think whoever left the anonymous comment was just being a jerk to be a jerk. As for me “whining about my problems a lot”…I don’t. Yes, I talk about them, but I’m not whining about them when I talk about them. Also, I don’t talk about them a lot. There are only 12 entries TOTAL in my Depression, Self-Injury, and other Psych stuff category. That’s out of the almost 70 total entries that have been posted. That’s not a lot. And even if it constituted more than that amount, that still shouldn’t matter. I get to talk about my problems as this is my site.

Honestly, I don’t whine about my psych problems. I do rant sometimes, but ranting is very different from whining. I also share, but again…sharing is not whining. I would KNOW if I were whining. 🙄 Maybe the person who submitted the question didn’t mean anything by it, but I get annoyed when people accuse me of things. Besides, like I said in my answer, this is my site and I get to talk about my problems here. If people don’t like my talking about my problems, then they should leave.

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    Basically its your journal so you can say what you like but at the same time you left a comment option so other people can say what they like. Its all free speech and nothing i would worry about too much

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