Secrets and Admissions 3

I had to go see my psychiatrist yesterday. We talked about my avoidance issues. He thinks they were triggered by the whole UTC thing. I think they’ve just been building for a long time. He’s upped my dose of Effexor XR to 225mg a day. That was the dose I was on pre-Gastric Bypass Surgery. He thinks that will probably help. He tried to assure me that to a certain degree my anxiety was perfectly normal for someone my age. He seems to think it’ll pass more quickly than my psychologist does. Of course, my psychologist has been listening to my avoidance issues a lot longer…mainly because I talk about it with him more than I do with my psychiatrist.

So, speaking of my “insanity”, I found this lovely note last night in response to the previous entry:

looks to me that “someone” meaning YOU has way too many problems. just do society a favor and check yourself back into a mental hospital. you don’t deserve to live freely as everyday normal people do, you are too much of a mental problem and people like you should be handled carefully

I just love how the jerk who left it didn’t leave their name or e-mail address. You’d think if a person felt the need to leave such a note, they’d have the guts to leave their name and e-mail address. Of course, I guess they might have thought I’m “too much of a mental problem” and that I might come after them or something because I’m such a raving psychotic. 😉 You know, the comments didn’t really bug me. I’m used to encountering stupidity when it comes to psychological problems. What bugged me was that the person didn’t leave any way to contact them. I wouldn’t have told the person off, but I would’ve at least known who thought I was so crazy that I needed to be locked up.

You know, I love how people seem to be so in the dark when it comes to their own psychological state. The person who left that comment surely has at least one psychological problem/issue (including fears/phobias or obsessions) to his/her name. Everyone does. It’s just not everyone admits it/gets it checked out by professionals. Everyone has their own issues to deal with. If more people would be open and honest about their problems, instead of mocking those of us who are open and honest about our problems, then perhaps the world might be a slightly better place.

Guess what arrived yesterday?! My Buffy Season 6 and Friends Season 7 DVDs came. Yay! I’ve gotten to watch “Once More With Feeling”, “Villains”, “Two to Go”, and “Grave” on the Buffy DVD and “TOW All the Cheesecakes” on the Friends DVD. I would’ve watched a couple more Friends episodes, but my Dad claims to not like Friends. I think he secretly likes the show because he’s watched the episodes and laughed at them…I think he just doesn’t want to admit to liking the show.

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