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Well, I got to have an interesting experience today. I got to baby-sit for my friend Tiffany’s little girl, Melody, for about 3 hours this morning. Melody is 19 months old and she’s a bit of a handful. She has so much more energy than me, and I was running after her wherever she went. I probably could’ve left her alone for a little while, but I was so worried that something would happen that I tried not to let her get out of my sight for more than a split second. She still managed to get away from me for a little while at a time, but I was able to catch up with her. Luckily Tiff’s house isn’t very big, and Michelle, Tiffany’s mom, had closed some of the doors, so Melody was kind of limited on going to the Living Room/Kitchen/Dining Room area and her own bedroom. The only major problem we seemed to have was about halfway through, I was holding Melody and she saw a picture of her Mommy and Daddy. She started pointing and saying, “Daddy! Daddy!” Then, when she realized he wasn’t coming to her, she started crying and screaming, “I want Daddy! I want my Daddy!” For about fifteen or twenty minutes, I tried to console her, rock her, sing to her, etc. Nothing was working. Finally, Michelle, who was working in another part of the house, came into the living room and said that I should get Melody her “blankie”. So, I did. Miraculously, Melody stopped screaming and crying. So from that moment on, I made sure to keep “blankie” within reach in case she got upset again.

I rarely baby-sit. I’ve only done it about 3 times in my life. This was the second time I’ve watched Melody. The last time was about a year ago. She’s changed quite a bit in a year. Back then, the big thing I had to worry about was getting out of her sight. Back then, if I moved away from her at all, she screamed and cried for me to come back.

So, tonight is the Series Finale of Angel. Or as the commercials say, “The WB Series Finale”. Is it me or does that seem a bit odd? I mean, they have it in pretty big writing that its “The WB Series Finale”. I know that there’s probably not a chance that it will be picked up by another network, but having The WB call it “The WB Series Finale” seems like an indication that perhaps there is another network out there that is interested in picking up the show. Anyways…I’m looking forward to the finale, though I don’t want the show to end. I think its crazy that its ending after its best season ever. It’s just absolutely ridiculous that the show would end this year. The WB made a major mistake.

I’m in the process of handing over several of my fanlistings to new owners. It’s a lot easier this time than it was the last time I did this. Mainly because I’m requesting that the new owners make new layouts. I know its always much easier if the previous owner just hands you the old layout, but if I do that, then I have to create special zip files for everyone with the layout image files and the layout coding. Then, I have to hope that they get the zip file. Then, I have to hope that they remember to credit me for the layout. It’s all very tiresome. So, its much easier when I don’t have to worry about sending the layout.

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  • Kristina

    i have never babysat before…except my brother but he’s 10 so he can take care of himself. hahaah. i LOVE ur layout!! HARRY POTTER!! ahh!! lol

  • Alx

    It must be kind of cute taking care of a baby…I haven’t ever really had a contact with them, but it must have been really cute to see her sleep like that.

  • Christie
  • Katie

    Babysitting…i havent done much of it. Occasionnally i babysit my cousin for like 20 minutes bt shes an angel…never cries 😛 Love the layout (Provance – Kool Katz Kt)

  • appy (prov)

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