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Molly is at the vet’s office right now. She’s staying the night, and possibly longer. The vet thinks she has pancreatitis. She also may have breast cancer. Of course, they can’t remove the lumps she has until she recovers from the pancreatitis. I’m really worried about her. I know I’ve only had her a month, but that doesn’t matter to me. I still care about her, and I’m going to worry until I know she’ll be okay.

So, I’m now finished with all of my classes at Calhoun. I finished on Tuesday, which you probably know if you’ve paid attention to my Calendar. 😛 I can’t believe that I’m finished going there. It seems like just yesterday that I started there. No, wait. It seems like I’ve been going there forever.

I finally started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone two nights ago. I’d been putting it off for quite a while. I’m about a chapter away from being finished with it. I’d probably have finished already if I hadn’t gotten in an argument with my dad over reading while having the tv on a specific channel (MSNBC). I might have also finished it if I hadn’t fallen asleep this afternoon while reading it.

You know, I don’t understand the negative stigma that is attached to getting a GED. I’ve seen some people acting like its not as good as a high school diploma or even a night school diploma. Personally, I don’t think that’s true. The only difference between a diploma and a GED is the pomp and circumstance that a person goes through. And even GED recipients can go through graduations. All three are just pieces of paper that signify the end of one part of your life. So, why do GED recipients get a bad rep? Why is it considered by some to be a “waste of an education”? I think that’s stupid. I got my GED 3 years ago and started to college a year early. How exactly did I waste my education?

Tomorrow is the Preakness. 🙁 Another horse race. I’m not happy with this whole horse racing thing.

I decided to put over 100 of my fanlistings up for adoption. Here’s a list. Please feel free to check out the list, if you’re interested in adopting some fanlistings. If I’m not able to adopt them all out, then I’m closing the ones that don’t get adopted. I’ll still have fanlistings. I’ll just have 30 or 40-something of them instead of 150+.

Does anyone remember the game MASH? Well, Emma from the TFL Boards found a link to an online version of MASH. Apparently I’m destined to live in a Mansion in Alabama. I’ll marry my old crush/chemistry lab partner, John Allen, and we’ll have 5 kids. I’ll work as a Social Worker and drive a Pink Mustang.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions for the next skin for FPS? I mean, I don’t know when I’m going to do another one, but I’d love to have some suggestions for some new ones. Also, which one do y’all think should be the default skin? Currently, its the latest one (Something Wicked This Way Comes). So what are the suggestions y’all have for skins?

Stay tuned (under the more section) for fan girl ramblings and spoilers on One Tree Hill.

Plugs: Carrie, Courtnee, Courtney, Gill, Jessica, Kaye, Keith, Kitty, Paris, Rosie, Sanne, Trisha

One Tree Hill
I can’t believe Nathan and Haley got married. I knew they were going to sleep together, but honestly, I didn’t expect them to get hitched. I’m also shocked about Dan’s heart attack. In a way, I think it’d be nice if that character didn’t return next fall, but I think the show would lose a lot (maybe too much) without him. The drama/tension between Dan and basically every other character is a big part of the show. Oh, and I don’t trust Brooke. I know she and Peyton were setting up Nicki, but I still think that maybe Brooke wasn’t setting up Nicki. I think she may have been lying to Peyton all along.

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  • Sarah

    Oooo, I love the Harry Potter skin! ^^ Hehe, I started reading the books recently too and right now I’m at the end of book 3. It’s good stuff. 🙂

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