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I really enjoyed the Friends Finale last night. I was quite happy with the ending. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but I was quite happy with the endings for Monica, Chandler, Rachel, and Ross. I was a bit bummed that Phoebe and Joey didn’t get much of a storyline. I mean, Joey got more of one than Phoebe did. She seemed like more of a background player in the episode.

Anyways…I’m a little annoyed. Lately, I’ve been posting on several boards, one of them being Paradise. It’s a lovely board, but some of the people have been annoying me by saying that I’ve been bumping my threads. Technically, I haven’t. Yes, I’ve added to threads after I was the last poster, but the rule clearly states:

No “bumping” threads (creating a pointless post to move your thread to the top).

My posts weren’t pointless. One was to let people know that Celestial had 7 new themes. The other was an update to a post plugging this site. I was stating that I’d added an extra skin since the original post. I don’t consider those things to be pointless, especially when some people were creating all new threads to plug basically the same things. I was technically saving space by doing the updates in the threads.

I hope I don’t cause any drama by complaining about that, but it’s just annoying me that people are so quick to call me a “bumper”. I’m not being a bumper! At least its only 2 people complaining about the “bumping”…of course one of those people y’all might remember from past drama on here. You know, the girl who likes to call me a fat slob.

I had 2 of my exams yesterday. They were okay, I guess. I think I did well on both of them, which either means I did well or I was so confused by the tests that I outright failed them. I hope that its the first one. Even if I didn’t do well, though, I should still be able to pull off an A in both classes. I mean, on my midterm in Philosophy I got a 120 out of 100…I have a bit of leeway in that class.

Well, I just got another piece of mail from UTC. I get that they have me on their mailing list because I got admitted there, but this time it’s a little strange. It’s from the Band department about their Marching Band/Flag Corps program. I’ve never been in either band or in flag corps. I don’t know how the band got my info. I never requested for them to contact me or to be a part of that whole scene. Very strange.

I have to fill out a request for my transcripts to be sent from Calhoun to A&M before Tuesday. They won’t be sent until after I’ve gotten my grades posted from this semester. After the transcript is sent, then the A&M folks can finish processing my application.

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  • Rad

    thanks for the comment. πŸ˜€ really? lol, i kinda like it but if i get a lot of comments about the font then i guess i’ll change it. πŸ™‚

    great site, btw!

  • Andrea

    your new skin is adorable. did rachel and ross end up together? ive never really watched friends but i was curious about that. i haven’t posted at paradise in a while. i found the JRI board and i like it better. πŸ™‚

  • Franki

    arhhh, we dont get the final series of friends over here for a few weeks yet *bites nails*, i cant wait :)! Anyways, love the layout, cya πŸ™‚

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