A Reason for Biting 1

Well…Sam was able to find a new home for Avon, so its back open again. I don’t think there’s been any major drama on it yet, but I’m sure there probably will be soon. Drama always seems to find its way back to Avon.

Anyways…guess who was named a Troubles Checker for The Fanlistings over the weekend. Yep, I got an e-mail from Bonnie saying that Bronagh had chosen me as a TC for the Musicians: Bands/Groups category. I’m a bit nervous about the whole thing. Hopefully, I’ll do a good job.

I ordered 2 DVD sets from Amazon.com a little while ago. I had a little money left from my birthday and from selling back some of my old textbooks. So, I ordered Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 6 and Friends Season 7 DVD sets. According to Amazon.com, they won’t be shipping until June 1st. That’s a long time from now, but I can wait that long. I’ll have something to watch over Summer Vacation now. I can bore my mom with old Buffy and Friends episodes. Hopefully, she won’t care too much.

Oh, now, I only have about $2 left, so I guess I won’t be buying anything in the near future. I can’t sell back my books from this semester (after my exams) because they’re not offering those classes over the Summer. The only time the school will buy back books is when the class is being offered the very next semester. That’s no fun. I’d like to get some more money.

I have 2 finals coming up on Thursday. I hope I’ll do well on them. I have to answer some take home questions for my Philosophy class. I’ve done like 3 of the 10 take home questions. The take home part is 50% of the final exam grade, so its not like I can just blow it off and still expect to do well. I guess I’ll finish them up tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be able to concentrate better then.

Xander and Molly are really starting to get along quite well. They play a lot now. Actually, today we’ve had to stop them because they were constantly playing, and well…sometimes when Molly gets playful, she starts biting, so for the safety of both of them, we had to stop them.

Speaking of Molly biting, she bit me on Sunday. She’d chewed on me before, but on Sunday, she actually bit me. It left scrape marks on my arms, as well as bruises. I also have some bruises on my ankles where she also was biting me. We took her to the vet yesterday, but the vet had no idea what to do because there really is no rhyme or reason for why she’s biting/chewing so much. He recommended we call an Animal Behaviorist.

And now for the plugging of Celestial. If you join now, and submit a theme, then it will probably be added soon. I plan on adding new themes pretty soon after I go on Summer Vacation. 🙂

I added 2 new skins. The first is from the Angel episode “Damaged”. The second is where Ross and Rachel kiss from the Friends episode “The One Where Ross Finds Out”.

Plugs: Bonnie, Dumple, Helen, Paris, Tara, Val, Yumi (aka Sarah)

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