Cruelty and Co-Dependency 7

So, Avon closed. That’s not that big of a shock to me. I mean, its surprising in a way, but not completely unexpected. Somehow, I figured that Seth would pull the plug on it. He only wants the database to go to someone who has a dedicated server. How many teens own a server? No, wait…there are probably a lot. How many teens that own a server are responsible enough to run a message board? Especially one that they don’t own. Sam (Vex) is actually the owner of the board. If Seth gives the ownership over to someone else, I bet Sam will be quite upset.

Oh well…there’s not that much drama over on Celestial. Not since last week. It’s remarkable how calm it has been around there. Tension-free almost…except for when one guy re-joined after being banned last year. Why re-join a board that you claim to hate? *sigh* I’ll never understand some people.

I turned in my final exam and my research paper this morning in Human Growth and Development. I hope I get good grades on both. I really want to get a good grade in that class. I have finals starting on Thursday in my other classes. I have to do a take-home portion for my Ethics and Philosophy tests. At least I have a few more days to do that.

My parents and I took Xander and Molly to PetSmart today. They seemed to have fun. It was Molly’s first time to go to PetSmart. A lot of people stopped to ‘ooh and ah’ over her because she’s a Basset. I felt bad for Xander because there was only like one person who really stopped for him. I know I’m partial. I mean, I love Molly, but Xander is my baby. He’ll always be my baby. I always want him to be happy. Of course, lately, he’s been quite depressed. I think its because Molly hasn’t “gone home”. I think he liked the idea of having a playmate until she stayed here and didn’t go to another home to live. I hope he adjusts because I get miserable knowing that he’s miserable. I’m so codependent with him.

So, today is the Kentucky Derby. I hate horce racing. I think its cruel to horses. First of all, the whips. How can beating a horse be “fun” and good for the horse? I get that some people are into being whipped, but the majority of us don’t like it…so what makes people think that horses like it? Second of all, so many horses are injured during the races every year. Some are injured so badly that they can’t finish the race. Others are so badly hurt that they die. The younger horses that are raced (the two year olds) don’t really have the adequate bone structure to safely race. (Racing horses are also more likely to have fragile bodies because of their genes because they’re thoroughbreds.) Oh, and horses that don’t win can be sent to slaughterhouses. How disgusting is that?! The treatment that these horses receive is just disgusting and cruel. I’m all for letting a horse gallop and trot on its own free will, but to force it to race and put its life in danger for money…that’s just ridiculous! So, will I watch the Derby? I’ll probably have to listen to it, since my father likes to watch the Triple Crown races.

Please go join Celestial. I know it may seem inactive, but it can get really active and its a lot of fun. The members there are really nice, as are the moderators…and everyone just “loves” the admin. 😉 So, please go join!

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