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Thanks for the congrats on the grades. That was really sweet of y’all. Thanks for the encouragement about what happened with the Health Department and the Animal Services folks. I thought I’d clear up how the neighbors know how my parents clean the cages…my parents clean them outside. They basically clean them out and then wash them, dry them, and put more bedding in them. They leave the guinea pigs inside when they clean the cages (in an extra cage), so there would be no way for the neighbors to know how many guineas we have.

Xander and Molly aren’t really getting along. Xander’s trying to establish dominance, and poor Molly is so submissive that I feel bad for her. I also feel bad for Xander. He keeps barking and growling at her, and I know that its because he’s upset ’cause he’s not the only puppy anymore. I know he’s got to be a bit confused, too. I guess they’ll be having their problems until they get used to one another. Right now, they’re being well-behaved. They’re both up in my parents’ bed, but they’re kind of on opposite sides of the bed.

My mom and I took them for a walk about 2 hours ago, and everything was going really well. (They get along fine outside.) Anyways…we were a street over from where we live when this crazy woman started fussing about Xander and Molly. First, she didn’t want Xander in her yard because she has a cat. (He was BARELY off the sidewalk…maybe a couple of inches.) Then, she said something about her cat being 14. Then, the woman started saying other random things about how she wanted us to get Xander and Molly away from her house. She then asked if he was pooping and if we had bags to pick up the poop. (We had the bags, but he wasn’t pooping in her yard.) She was just going all crazy about it. She said that we had to get away from her yard because she had to take her cat to the hospital RIGHT THEN. So, we finally were able to get Xander and Molly away from her yard, and guess what…she didn’t leave that house. She was still there by the time we got down to the other end of the block (at least 5 minutes later). Oh, and before we had even gotten to her house, she had been outside in her yard. Anyways…the crazy old woman has given us problems before. She’s even stood at her door to watch as we go by to make sure Xander never gets in her yard. (We try to keep him as far away from her yard as possible.) Sometimes I feel like she’s stalking us when we’re on her street because she’ll just stand there and watch our every move.

Oh, the reason Xander took so long was that he saw the woman outside and he loves people. He wanted her to pay attention to him and pet him. Generally, if you’ll either pay attention to him or (if you don’t want to pay attention to him) if you’ll walk away/go inside, he’ll just continue on his merry way. Of course, this woman wasn’t sane enough to understand that little tidbit.

You know, when I’m outside and I see a dog that I don’t know and that I’m uncomfortable with, I go back inside. I thought that it was pretty common for people to go back inside if they didn’t feel safe around a particular animal. So, if that woman was really concerned about Xander, then why didn’t she just go inside? It seems like it would’ve been much easier than standing out there and giving the four of us the third degree. 🙄

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18 thoughts on “Crazy Psycho Woman

  • wendii

    your neighbours seem a bit nasty! but wow you own guinea pigs! i used to have 2 “males” according the the pet store but pretty soon.. they had 2 gorgeous babies! my mum made us giv them away 🙁

  • Iris

    gahh she sounds like a right bitch. =/ i’m sure molly and xander will get used to each other in no time!

  • Rose

    I used to have a neighbor like that, we would just throw poo on her driveway for the hell of it. =D

  • Jackie
  • Kat B

    aw… puppies are so cute. I names my cat Xander too. but it died. *tear* Anyway, the layout is awesome! B/A lovin’ baby!

  • Kristie

    She has a right to not want your dogs in her yard, but she doesn’t have to be such a wench about it. Once when I was outside walking my dog, my dog pooped in someone’s yard and I was already on the ground with a bag picking it up, and a man stuck his head out the window and started cursing at me like you wouldn’t believe and throwing things out his window at us. For the next couple weeks I saved all my dog’s poop in a bag and went back and dumped it in his yard LOL.

  • Kelley

    It gets on my nerves when people stick their noses everywhere and complain about silly things like that. I guess I just don’t really get it =P

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