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I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I kept meaning to, but it always seemed to slip my mind.

My parents left to go pick up Molly at about 8 this morning. I guess they’ll be back around 5 or 6 tonight. I’m staying here with Xander so that he won’t get lonely, and so that someone will be here to walk him at 3. I’m also staying here because I didn’t really want to go with them. I could blame my not wanting to go on anxiety, but to tell you the truth, I’m just as nervous about them being out on the road without me as I would be if I were on the road with them.

So, today has been a very odd day. First, at about 9:30 this morning, a person from Huntsville Animal Services came by and said there had been complaints about how my parents cleaned out the guinea pig cages. Then, at about 11, someone from the Madison County Health Department came by about the same complaints. He asked how many guinea pigs we had. I told him 5. He seemed shocked. Apparently, whoever made the complaint must have said we had more than just 5. He also asked how many dogs we have. I told him 2, since technically, after this afternoon, we will have 2. He told me that my parents need to set up a time for him to come by so he can talk to them about the complaints. I dread telling my parents that. I also hate that these people have come by today. They kind of freak me out.

I got back 2 of my essays from Philosophy. On my suffering essay, which I’d had to rewrite, I got an A. On my essay on brains in a vat, I got an A+. I was quite proud of myself for the A+, especially since my teacher RARELY gives A+ to anyone. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that she gave the first A+. Oh, I had a Cultural Anthropology test yesterday. I waited around after I took it to see what grade I got. I got a 45 out of 50 on the regular questions and I got 5 bonus points, so that means I got a 50 out of 50. Yay. 🙂

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I have a feeling that I know who complained. A guy who lives a couple of houses down HATES us. I’m serious. He’s been mean to my mom and me before. We think that he once put dog feces in the handle of our recycling bin because he (wrongly) thought that Xander had pooped in his yard. He’s also been rude to other neighbors. One day he sent a note to Michelle’s house and told her that a chair that she had in her yard was ugly and needed to go. It was actually a bit ruder than just telling her that the chair needed to go. He’s a very hateful man, and it wouldn’t shock me if it was him that filed the complaints.

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