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First of all, I would like to take a moment to tell everyone that I am NOT Bulimic. I know what my problem with throwing up sounds like, but trust me…I’m NOT Bulimic. I don’t binge and purge to lose weight. I just miss throwing up because I used to do it after every meal after my surgery. I used to not be able to keep much food down because of the surgery, and if I even ate 1 bite too much, I would throw everything up. As violent as throwing up was, it became a normal part of my life. I was shocked when I didn’t throw up. Now that I know what triggers my throwing up, I avoid those things that would be causing me to throw up. This means I don’t throw up. This is very different from how my life worked for quite a while. Since, it was such a normal thing for me to do, I do miss it. I appreciate everyone’s concern, but trust me…if my missing throwing up is anything, its an obsessive-compulsive thing, much like my Tylenol addiction. Oh, Ashie, it actually doesn’t taste that bad to throw up for me anymore. Since my surgery caused the acid to be in another part of my stomach, the part where my food goes in at first (the pouch) has no acid to make it taste bad. Now, when I throw up, I just throw up the chewed up food that I’ve just eaten. It’s basically just a regurgitation thing now…

Now that I’ve thoroughly disgusted everyone…

I got my corrections submitted for my financial aid. I hope that everything gets worked out for it. I really do need the financial aid, so hopefully, the government will get my form–corrections and all. I also applied for student housing for next year. I’m going to be in the UTC Place Apartments. I still have to find 3 roommates. I hope I don’t end up with total psychos or weirdos. Maybe I’ll end up with some cool folks. Oh, and instead of having to find Twin XL bed stuff for the apartment, I’ll have a full-size bed. Yay! I so love full-size beds. They’re so spacious, and there are so many more options for bedding for them!

My cousin and his wife had a baby day before yesterday. My parents and I didn’t even know that Karyn was pregnant, but apparently she was. Anyways…they had a baby boy. I haven’t seen him yet, but I bet he’s a cutie.

Alexandra, my whole point about ABC being run by evil monkeys was that they don’t properly care for Alias. They don’t advertise it well enough. In fact, sometimes, they don’t advertise it at all. That’s part of the reason it isn’t the “most notorious”. Also, I’d never heard of it being called a “fill-in show” by anyone, so I doubt that “most everyone” knows that little “fact”.

I want to remind everyone to go join Celestial. We really need to make that place more active. The more active that each person can make it, the better. Actually, if everyone starts to post more, then more folks will join.

Erin, thank you for congratulating me on the 8 month anniversary since my surgery. That was a very sweet thing for you to do. It’s hard to believe its been 8 months. I’ve lost quite a bit since then (about 90 pounds)…unfortunately, I’ve kinda hit a plateau in pounds. I hope it ends soon because I still have about 100 or so pounds to lose.

Oh, and Erin, congratulations on being asked back on the Sharon Osbourne show. That really rocks.

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  • Kasie

    I used to have major depression problems too. I am okay now. I know a couple of people that had the bypass surgery. They did lose a lot of weight. But they did throw up a lot. Your stomach because really sensitive. I would imagine one would get used to it. Good Luck!!

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