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I’m really quite proud of Taboo. It’s growing so quickly. Currently, there are 199 fanlistings on upcoming and 159 that have been finished. Yay. I really recommend that if you have anything that you’re a fan of that TFL won’t approve a fanlisting for that you apply over at Taboo. I doubt that Taboo will EVER be as big as TFL, especially since TFL has been around a lot longer and has such a following. Still, I think that Taboo is doing relatively well considering its newness and that it doesn’t really get as much attention as some of the other fanlisting networks.

(For the record, before I get any comments stating that I’m somehow putting TFL down, let me clarify that I’m not. I did not say anything bad about TFL. Somehow, whenever I mention something about TFL I end up having someone pick apart what I say and make it sound like I’m insulting the entire network or picking on staffers. I’m not. I’m just stating how proud I am of my fanlisting network.)

Ugh, its all thundery right now. I hate stormy weather…it really creeps me out. Yes, I’ll admit that I have a fear of stormy weather. Does that make me a bad person? Of course not…it just makes me an easily scared by storms type of person.

I am quite annoyed with ABC. The next new Alias is supposed to be in like 2 weeks at a different time. How do those evil monkeys at ABC honestly expect people to keep up with this terrific show if they’re constantly either not showing it or showing it at the wrong time? Are they trying to give it the boot like they did with Once and Again? They never really advertise Alias. They treat it like its some kind of cancer that they need to rid themselves of, when its really their best show. Let’s face it, ABC is really struggling…they have been for a while. If they keep mistreating their best programs, then ABC will become the next UPN.

I did my FAFSA, but I didn’t realize until after I’d finished it and sent it in that I’d screwed it up. I’ll have to wait a while and send in the corrections. Hopefully I won’t be penalized for my screwing it up.

You know, as disgusting as this will sound, I actually miss throwing up like I did for so long after my surgery. Almost everytime I would eat, I’d throw up. I know it sounds really weird, but I think I formed this sort of habit/tolerance of throwing up. I got so used to it that I expected it to happen after each meal. Now, when I don’t throw up, I don’t know how to feel. I think that’s part of the reason that I do my mini-binges now. I think somewhere in my subconscious I want to throw up after every meal. I expect it to happen and then I’m kind of disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Yeah, I know it all sounds crazy, but that’s me. I’m crazy like that.

I’ve added more buttons. I doubt anyone will ever use them, but for some odd reason, I really enjoy making them.

Plugs: Angela, Chloe, Claire, Elizabeth, Iris, Liz, Marie, Michelle

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