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Yesterday, I got to spend the day at Nana’s house. Of course, I spent part of the afternoon sleeping. I was thoroughly exhausted, so sleeping was about the only thing I could do coherently at that point. Anyways…that was why I didn’t get on yesterday.

I may not get on here tomorrow either. I have to go to the 25th wedding anniversary of my great uncle and aunt. I just thought I’d give y’all a heads up about that. I’m sure, though, that after my daily blogging, you could all use a small break from my constant ramblings and rantings.

My parents are working on taxes right now. It seems to be going well, which is incredibly shocking. Usually there’s some drama that goes on with the whole “doing taxes” stuff. Hopefully, this year will be completely different, and drama will not occur.

Some folks questioned how I could have a Tylenol addiction since its not physically addictive. My problem was more psychological. I started taking it one day because I had some pain. I kept taking it because I was afraid not to. I thought that I couldn’t function without it and that something would happen to me if I didn’t take it. It’s all very complicated.

Tomorrow is my last official day of Spring Break. I’ll still have Monday off, too, but that’s not really “Spring Break”. That’s just one of my regular days off. 😛 I can’t believe I only have like one month left at Calhoun…ONE MONTH. It seems like just yesterday I was dropping out of high school, getting my GED, and starting to college a year early. Now, I’m 3 years in…and I still have like 3 or 4 more to go.

Yes, I’m going to plug Celestial again. 😛 We really need to get that place more active, and y’all can really help.

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