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I had to see my psychologist today, and I told him about my anxiety about taking Tylenol. This meant that I had to disclose my addiction to him. He kind of laughed at it. Not like he was laughing at me, but he was laughing at the fact that I had become a habitual user of Tylenol. He told me that he was glad that I never did serious drugs, had alcohol, or tried smoking…had I done one of those things, I’d be addicted to something more serious. We actually talked about a lot of my routines that I have to do in order to have a good day. Apparently, I’m a habitual person. I’m the type of person who gets used to her routines and her intakes of certain things (including Tylenol) and continues to do them, even when its completely ludicrous to do those things. I’m quirky like that.

You know, the reason I never smoked, drank, or tried drugs was that I was afraid I would become addicted to them. I even used that fear as an excuse to not go to parties. I would tell my friends in high school (yes, I had actual friends offline then) that I was afraid that I would try something at a party and become addicted to something. (One of my friends (and my crush at the time) thought it would’ve been fun to get me drunk because I was so serious, and so against getting drunk.) Anyways…what’s really ridiculous about that excuse was that by the time I was being invited to these parties, I had been addicted to Tylenol for almost 3 years. In a way, I was being a hypocrite by saying “I don’t want an addiction” because I already had an addiction.

So, on the TFL Boards, there is a thread asking what 5 fanlistings would you “kill for”. My list:

  • Alias (or one of the seasons)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or one of the seasons)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow Rosenberg
  • Dachshunds
  • Kate Winslet

I would actually give up a great majority of my fanlistings for any of those 5 fanlistings. So, if any of the owners are reading this blog right now, if you would like to have over 100 of my fanlistings for one of yours, I’ll seriously trade them to you.

Please go join Celestial. We’re looking to have a more active and more fun board. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Habitually Yours

  • Erin

    i hate some drs. the one dr i had wouldnt let me get the surgery or think about it cus he doesnt belive in it.. wtf thats not up for him to deside. glad to hear your drug free.. like me. it takes me alot to not want to do it cus everyone is and its like sometimes i go “one time wouldnt hurt” but it could. BRAVO TO YOU!!! oh yeah i added you to my friends on my lj to hear my screat bitching lol

  • Jennifer

    Hmm. There’s nothing wrong with being a “creature of habit” (so the saying goes), and your doctor is right- there are a lot worse things to be addicted to!

  • Jeslyn
  • rachel
  • Iris

    Ooh i’m really habitual like that. i need a certain structure. like, if i have had something planned for a week or so (stupid example, but like watching a certain tv programme) and suddenly something comes up and i won’t be able to, that just upsets me so much. blah i’m anal like that, lol

  • Kristie

    If you know you habitually do things when you don’t need to and its bad for you, why do you continually do it? I’m puzzled when you say you have a tylenol addiction, I assume you must mean mentually because Tylenol doesn’t have addictive ingredients, you just build up a tolerance inside your body.

  • sunny
  • Shannon (FrostbittenKiss)

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