Buffy Love 9

I’d better hide my default skin (which features the Buffy episode “Becoming”) from Chloe, since she wants to molest it. My poor innocent layout.

You know, its pretty cool for me to finally have people reading my blog that like Buffy. I mean, I don’t mind if people don’t like it, but sometimes I’ve felt (in the past) like I was one of the only people who liked it. Now, I don’t feel so strange. I have my fellow Buffy fans like Iris, Leanne, and Chloe. I’m no longer alone in my love for Buffy.

I’m so thirsty. I probably need to be drinking more water. :water: Its just hard for me to remember sometimes that I need to be drinking water. I probably wouldn’t crave food as often if I would just drink more water.

My mom is gone to take back Mona Lisa Smile and Good Boy to Hollywood Video. :movies: I rented them with some leftover Christmas/Birthday money on Friday. Personally, I liked Mona Lisa Smile a lot better than Good Boy. I thought Good Boy would be more funny, but it seemed like the best parts of it were in the trailers. I mean, it was a cute movie, just not as good as I had expected. Mona Lisa Smile, on the other hand, was incredible. My favorite character was Giselle. She just seemed so spunky, and that’s a great character attribute.

I found some of my self-injury books to use for my research paper. :book: I found Bodies Under Siege and Cutting, but I couldn’t seem to find A Bright Red Scream, which was the one book that I really wanted to use. I also found several magazine/journal articles on self-injury that I had printed out back in 2002.

I finally got a little relaxation this morning. I was sitting on the couch watching The View, and Xander hopped up in my lap and laxed out. :dog: I enjoyed holding him and petting him. Everything was going great until my mom went to turn the chicken off in the kitchen. When she went into the kitchen, he smelled the chicken and hopped up and ran into the kitchen to beg for some chicken. He left me for chicken. I guess the way to a boy’s heart really is through his stomach. I guess my holding and petting couldn’t compare to the possibility of getting a bite of chicken.

Can y’all go join Celestial? It’s getting rather lonely around there. Even if you can’t post bunches every single day, it’d be nice to have a few more friendly faces around there. So please, join!

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