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Day #2 of Spring Break is coming to a close, and I have yet to really rest or relax. I guess that’s what summer vacation is for. The only problem with that little scenario is that this summer I have to get ready to go to Chattanooga in the fall so that I can go to UTC. I bet I’ll be having panic attacks like crazy this summer. The thought of going that far away (its only a couple of hours) is frightening for me. I have some separation anxiety issues. It’s kind of strange, I guess. I mean, I don’t think most 20 year olds still have separation anxiety. I think its mainly a little kid problem. But, I guess I’m a little kid at heart.

I finally got around to checking Iced-Glare out again, which I’d been meaning to do for weeks. I just kept forgetting. Apparently, I went at a good time because she’s got a new layout up.

I finally cashed the $50 check that one of aunts sent me for my birthday. Of course, she sent it a few weeks late, so its not like I waited forever to cash it. So, what did I get with that $50? The Buffy Season 3 DVDs. Woohoo! I know I could’ve spent the money on a webcam, so that I would stop whining about not having one, but I decided I’d been whining about the BtVS DVDs that I didn’t have a lot longer. So, now I have to update my Amazon wishlist so that it no longer has the S3 DVDs listed. So far I’ve watched one of my favorite episodes, “Bad Girls”. I love Faith’s philosophy about the life of the Slayer. “Want. Take. Have.” Of course, I could never be like that, but its fun to see that kind of attitude on a tv show.

Anyone know of some good banner/button rotations? I mean, I made all those new buttons, and I’d like to put them to good use. Also, if anyone wants to do a button exchange, then just let me know in the comments. 🙂

We heard from the animal shelter in Selma. :dog: Molly will probably be ready for us to pick her up on April 13th. That’s not too far away.

:soapbox: The latest thing from Avon to annoy me is a thread entitled fat humans. I hate the ignorant stance people take about overweight/obese people. They act like we choose to be big…and that’s not true. Ugh. Not all “fat” people drink sodas, and not all of the ones who do drink sodas drink the sugary ones. Not all of us eat bags and bags of potato chips and junk food every single day. Oh, and our binges are something that are more difficult to control than simply “taking responsibility for our actions”.

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  • Meghan
  • Chloe

    I want to molest your layout. I FOUND BUFFY AND ANGEL DOLLS – the new edition! They’re like fifty dollars each – but I think Ima gonna get ’em just because they’re AESOME! I have all the dvds – bought from my wishlist, naturally. lol! AHHH! I love you because you love buffy too Im getting WAY TOO EXCITED…ajkflja. LOVE THIS LAYOUT!

  • Angela
  • Natalie Marie

    I love your purple layout! I’ve been wanting to learn skins, but I take it that you need some kind of php knowledge for that. Lol.

    I hate it when people generalize overweight people. I rarely eat anything. I just have a really slow metabolism, and I gain weight slowly as well. I don’t think I’m going to be making an appearance on the Avon boards, lol

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