Hot in Here 9

It’s 81?F right now, which is hot. :sun: I mean, its not THAT hot, but it feels too hot when the air conditioning isn’t on. I keep reading about people in other parts of the country and other parts of the world experiencing snow…it seems so strange to read about snow when you’re sweating like crazy.

This morning, my parents and I took Xander to Big Spring Park (a park in Downtown Huntsville). :puppy: I think he had a lot of fun. It was nice out…very warm, but it didn’t feel as bad then as it does now. We kept seeing other people at the park, which made Xander excited. He wanted those people to pet him and pay attention to him. Most of them just walked past without even acknowledging him. A few actually said something like “Oh, cute puppy” as they walked past. No one stopped to pet him, though. I felt a little sorry for him.

My tank top strap broke a few minutes ago. At least I was home when it happened, but it still was a strange experience. It bugs me that it broke, though, because this was the first time I’d ever worn the darn thing. It shouldn’t have broken that easily. My mom is trying to fix it right now. I’m so glad that she can sew. Still, I need better quality clothes. πŸ˜›

I didn’t have class this morning. :teacher: My Human Growth and Development teacher decided to let our class have the day off, since this next week is Spring Break at Calhoun. So, I got to sleep in this morning. Yay!

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9 thoughts on “Hot in Here

  • Karen

    It kills me to hear when people say that they have snow. It feels like summer where I live, and it’s way into the 80’s now. Gotta love the sun!

    Aww, what a cute name for a puppy! =) I loved Xander from Buffy. (I’m assuming that’s where you got the name!)

  • Erin

    I wish we had nice weather to enjoy my new car. its nice but not in the 60s 70s and def not in the 80s. Id like to move in with you till the weather gets better here πŸ™‚ im sure you wouldnt mind *haha* πŸ˜€ nice to hear you had a nice dog walking day …and a sleep in day also! ok well i must get going.. ttyl

  • Meg

    I wish it was 81 degrees here….It’s snowing right now. I wish I was on a beach somewhere. Or even just sitting on a step in the sunshine πŸ™‚

  • Thiri
  • Iris

    Aww I’d have petted Xander =p I love the name Xander for a dog by the way =) And I’m SOOO jealous about the weather! I’d kill for 81 degrees!

  • Steph

    wow we had snow just a few days ago.. in the middle of march.. lol its not normal.. its usually in the 60s but wow we don’t get even in the 80s until the end of june :X

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