Believing Isn’t The Problem 14

I’m kind of halfway watching the end of Dogma on Comedy Central. :movies: I love that movie. It’s just the kind of religious movie that I happen to enjoy. Alanis does such a good job as God in that movie. It’s so cute and funny.

Speaking of religion, I stumbled upon a thread on Avon where Seth was telling Alea that he’d basically proven Christianity to be completely false. He uses these huge essays to explain to any Christian that their religion is false because he has something against Christianity and Christians. He’s a hardcore Atheist. He’s so hardcore in his anti-Christian attitudes that he gives the kinder Atheists a bad name. When he goes off on his anti-Christian rampages, I just want to thwap him over the head. I know that some Christians are hateful and deserve to be told that Christianity isn’t the religion of choice for every human being. Seth, though, tends to pick on those who aren’t hateful just as much as those who are. Somehow, its wrong for Christians to pick on Atheists, but its perfectly fine for Atheists to pick on Christians. It just doesn’t make sense.

Anyways…so I got my Cultural Anthropology test back. :teacher: I got a 44 out of 50. Not as good as the 52 out of 50 from the first test, but I still did better than some. And it is a passing grade.

Ugh. I just got an e-mail from TFL warning me that my Utah fanlisting was about to be removed for not being finished. WTH? I submitted the form on December 29, 2003, so I know its been finished. As for any other problems, I never got a Troubles notice. How the Hell can it be okay to remove a fanlisting when I didn’t even get the damn troubles notice? Also, how do you not get one form when other forms (submitted that day) are received?

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14 thoughts on “Believing Isn’t The Problem

  • Tashina

    Just because you didn’t get it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t sent or that it wasn’t posted in an updates blog.

  • Kristie

    Religion is a tricky issue. It can be fun to discuss but I firmly believe you’re not going to change a person’s lifelong faith based on a 20 minute conversation where you dash their beliefs to threads and make them feel stupid. Live and let live, yanno?

  • jen
  • britta
  • rachel
  • MonkeyBlog

    I’m an athiest also, but gosh – I can find better things to do with my time than fight! If I were to put all that effort and time into it I may as well join ’em ya know!? I’m sorry this guy is like this – that’s silly.

    Nice to meet you and keep up the great work!

  • Spratalie

    i don’t understand why people cannot respect others religions/opinions. i say people can believe in whatever they want. well done for getting 44 out of 50 – that’s brilliant!!!! take care 🙂

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