Delaying Change 2

I need a hair cut, but I hate getting my hair cut. :janet: I hate having to change things, including hair styles. I only get my hair cut like once every year or two. I seriously hate having it done…which is why I’ll probably stall on getting it done for another year. Eh…I don’t have the money to get a haircut right now anyway. If I did, then I’d be spending it on clothes, a webcam, BtVS DVDs, or books.

Right now, my mom is at the hospital visiting/staying with a cousin of hers (okay, so that would mean she was my cousin, too) who just had Gastric Bypass Surgery done this morning. My mom said she’d be coming home when other members of the family got back from having lunch. I thought it was sweet that she was staying up there.

I finished 5 new fanlistings today: Alias Prequel Series (Books), Bend It Like Beckham: Mr. Bhamra (Characters), James A. Contner (Directors and Producers), Steven S. DeKnight (Directors and Producers), Linda Perry (Music). So, please go join those. 🙂

I need to eat lunch, but I don’t really want to. I’m kind of hungry, but I have this strange fear that if I eat, I’ll gain weight. Sometimes, even now after the surgery, I still binge. I just have to binge in smaller amounts. I know that binging could cause me to gain weight, so I’m afraid of eating at all. I mean, I still eat…I just am afraid that I’ll end up gaining all the weight back.

I need to start working on my next Philosophy essay. :notebook: This time its comparing Stoic philosophy with Buddhist philosophy. Fun, fun, fun. This one actually will require me to write out notes and stuff before I actually write the essay. That’s not gonna be any fun. I also need to start working on a research paper that’s due at the end of the semester for my Human Growth and Development class. I think I’m going to write it on self-injury, since I have several books on that subject already, and that technically has something to do with the adolescent stage of development.

If you receive any e-mail from me (or from any account at and it has a zip file attached, then its not from me. It is probably a virus or a worm that’s using e-mail addresses. I’m sorry for the confusion.

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  • rebekah

    dont binge. thats bad.

    i JUST got my hair cut today! i <3 getting my hair cut (kind of……not really) but the problem is that i never do. plus my hair is really dry and i NEED to. bleh

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