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Well, we (my mom, dad, Xander, and I) took the long journey to Selma yesterday to see the Basset Hound. :puppy: She’s 2 years old and her current name is Baby. She’s a sweetie. She’s got puppies, so she couldn’t come home with us yesterday…but she’ll be ready in about 5 weeks. She’s really skinny right now (like Ethiopia skinny), but otherwise, she seems to be healthy. She and Xander seemed to get along really well. Oh, and we’re planning on renaming her when we get her. Her new name shall be Molly. 🙂

I’ve felt more anemic this month than I did last month. Of course, I am anemic. I guess its just that the iron pills have caused me to have a higher blood count, so I’ve bled more, and its all just kind of draining my energy. :yuck: I hate anemia.

I’m surprised that Scott’s friends haven’t gone crazy over me telling Scott that he was being petty. He plugs commenters on all of his entries, and usually lists them by their name. Well, he plugged Megan as *Copier* because he’s got an issue with her site’s name. (Her site is Remixxed88 and his site is I basically just told him that he was being petty, and now I’m shocked that all of his friends haven’t gone crazy about what I said. They always seem to stick up for him. I don’t care that they haven’t come yet, and I don’t particularly want to have a big drama fest with them. It’s just the principle of the matter. It’s something you expect to have happen if you disagree with Scott. Of course, the last time I had issues with Scott, none of his friends stuck up for him. Maybe they just don’t care what I have to say about him.

How can a person who is a liberal support George W. Bush? I don’t see how a person who is opposed to Bush’s policies/views can vote for him. Of course, trying to figuring out the answer to this question will probably never come to me. You see, I know someone who votes for and supports Bush (and other Republicans), yet from all indications he’s liberal. He’s not as liberal as me…but he is a liberal. He refuses to vote for Democrats for some reason that he’s tried to explain, but I have never understood. I just think its weird that he can support someone who is so opposed to giving equal rights to all Americans when he is so in favor of giving equal rights to all Americans. How can you vote someone who is so opposed to what you say you believe in?

I wish I had a webcam or at least a digital camera. I feel so weird (and left out) just having a regular camera and a scanner. I can’t share pictures as easily as other folks, especially since I don’t have the money to develop pictures once I take them. It would just make things so much easier if I had one. Blah.

Oh, I got my Human Growth and Development test back today. :teacher: I got a 69 on it, but my teacher let us go back and try to get partial credit for some of our missed answers. Hopefully, I made some of it up. Maybe I can pull off a B or even a high C. :pray:

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  • Iris

    Digital cameras aren’t that expensive anymore =p Or take a look on ebay! There’s some great offers on there usually.

  • Amanda

    Yay on the new doggie! We have two labs that are about to hit a year old. Biggest dogs I’ve ever seen in my life I tell you! Our dog that died last spring was about 35 pounds where as these weigh about 70 each. Crazy.

    I wish that I had a web cam or digital camera as well. It’s a pain to have to wait till you have the money to develop pictures just so you can scan a couple of them. I think I’ll check ebay and see if I can find a good but cheap one.

  • Ellie
  • Laura
  • ebony

    ahhhh I want a puppy! hehe. anyway. took me a damn minute for me to figure out what image that was of. nice with hillary duff lyrics, that song rocsk

  • Julie
  • Leanne
  • Faten

    Skinny dogs scare me. They look so fragile, I’m scared that my petting them will cause them to fall apart at the hinges or something 😡

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