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I got my grades back from my midterms in Philosophy and Ethics. :teacher: I did 25 points worse on my Ethics exam than I did on my Philosophy exam. Of course, I got a 95 (out of 100) on the Ethics exam. Yes, that means I got a 120 out of 100 on my Philosophy exam. I got all of the answers right on it plus all of the bonus points. Yay me! My Philosophy teacher actually said that I was the only person to get all of the bonus points.

So, I made a rant on Avon about how I don’t think people should have to comment on the latest entry. :computer: I think its ridiculous to expect people to only comment on your latest entry. I mean, sometimes the latest entries are just pointless…why should someone reply to a completely pointless entry? For example, there were 11 comments on the smilies test entry…there were only 5 on the (longer) one before it. I know that some people might have wanted to post that they liked the smilies, but I don’t think that people should feel like that’s the only entry that they can comment on. So, for anyone reading this, if you read my most recent entry and you don’t like it, then feel free to look for an older entry to comment on. If you’ve already found an older entry you want to comment on, then comment on it. I’m not picky on this, and I’ll read your comment no matter what entry its for. I’ll also plug you no matter which one you comment on.

Some person signed my guestbook calling me a “dope smokin liberal”. While I readily admit to being a liberal, I was quite shocked that someone would call me a “dope smokin” liberal. I’ve never done illegal drugs, and I don’t intend to start doing them anytime in the future. This person went on to basically salute George Bush as their hero. 🙄 First of all, how can that man be a hero? He’s a threat to freedom and liberty everywhere. Secondly, how can you say I do drugs and then hail him as a perfect human being? The man used to do drugs. That’s not a big secret. :soapbox: So what makes a conservative who did drugs that much better than a liberal who has never touched drugs? What kind of world are we living if his behavior is/was acceptable and mine is unacceptable?

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  • Erin

    i agree on the comment thing. not only are some postings pointless but they jump from topic to topic and its like.. where do you comment and on what. OR with me its alot that i just have time to read or i just am to lazy to bother with comments. i belive that commenting isnt a big deal but it def makes you feel loved and that someone has something to say. CONGRATS ON YOUR TEST HUN!! i would fail all the time just cus i get nervous

  • Iris

    OMG I love your domain name! I have this thing with using the word fuzzy (I’m always on about fuzzy bunnies). And then pink.. well you know pink is the BEST colour! And don’t even get me started on slippers, they are the BEST thign since sliced bread =p Hehe. Wow you’ve got cool smileys, I need to extend my collection, I’ve been neglecting the smileys =p

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