Cruel Intentions 7

Well, I started 2 new little projects, the Avon Dailies List and the Celestial Dailies List. Each list will be listing blogs/journals of members of Avon and Celestial so that other members (and even non-members) can more easily access their blogs and give them comments. I know that sometimes I complain about not getting many comments, but I’m really lucky that I get the 2-3 a day that I get. Some people get none…so I thought maybe this way we could ensure that everyone gets at least 1 comment. 🙂 So, if you’re a member of either and you want more comments, then feel free to join one or both lists. And if you’re not a member of either Avon or Celestial, then what are you waiting for? Go join already. 😛

If you’ve plugged me recently or if you have me on your dailies list, then please let me know. I would like to do a little bit of reciprocal plugging for y’all. Just leave a comment letting me know, and I’ll plug your site. 🙂

There was a thread on Avon about Zac Hanson (of Hanson) being dead. It said something about him dying from ODing on Tylenol. It was a joke…a bad joke. :soapbox: I don’t like Hanson, but I think its cruel to the fans to make a joke like that. It typically ends up causing people to panic and its just really harsh to do that kind of thing to people.

My dad is kind of an oddball. When most parents turn off MTV, what does he do? He puts it over on MTV. Of course, this is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. I just think that its odd that he is willing to watch MTV.

Speaking of MTV, I think its odd that they bleep out certain words during the song “This Love” by Maroon 5. :note: I’ve heard the words on the radio. If they’re not too bad to be on the radio, then why are they too bad to be on the TV? It seems like more children would be listening to the radio than watching MTV.

Yay, tonight a new Alias comes on. :tv: I’m so happy. I missed Alias so much. I was starting to go through withdrawals. So, I’m quite happy. If only Charmed was new tonight, too…that would rock. Oh well. I guess I can’t have everything, now can I?

I finally got to see Michael Collins last night. :movies: It’s actually a pretty good movie. The only reason I wanted to see it (at first) was to see Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, but seeing as how his big part doesn’t come until the end of the movie, I decided I’d sit through it and see how good/bad the rest of it was. It was very nice, but I did have a bit of a hard time (at certain points) understanding what was being said. Of course, by the time I was watching, my Adderall had worn off and I didn’t have the whole attention span that is required to decipher Irish accents.

So far, I’ve found quite a few new smilies. I still need to upload them. But I think that they’ll be much better than the default smilies. Of course, I’m still looking for a few more, so if you know of any good sites, please feel free to suggest them. 🙂 I know of and

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7 thoughts on “Cruel Intentions

  • Sarah

    That was a cruel joke. I joined Avon today, just to see what it was like. I’m not sure if I like it yet. That project is a good idea, I may participate 🙂

  • Tara

    Great idea with the dailies list. Its always nice to get comments and this way Celestial (for me anyway) will be more rounded like not just “friends on a board”

  • Cindy

    that’s a very cool project you wroking on 🙂 Hmmmm i never read the joke about Zac Hanson but if i did i would be laughing. then in the end i will feel sorry for him

  • Paulina

    hehe, my dad will sometimes watch music videos on like mtv2, weirdness. And do they really bleep out words on “this love” are you sure?

  • hannah
  • Angela

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