Guess what? 3

The comments are now visible. I decided to use the pop-up script to see if it would work…and sure enough, the comments now show up. So, yay. Of course, the comments page isn’t very pretty ’cause its basically the default comment screen.

Plugs: Moni-Q, Natasha

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I'm from Huntsville, Alabama. I've got as many college credits as a doctorate candidate, and the GPA of some of them, too. I have a boss by the name of Amy Pond. She's a dachshund. My parents both grew up in Alabama.

3 thoughts on “Guess what?

  • Brittany

    green! . . .well blue/green. nice, nice colour scheme đŸ™‚ Pshhh, this is a nice comments page, and eventually you can customize it and make it even prettier!! teehee. *cough* excuse me, i’m a little sleep-deprived at the moment >.<

  • Karen

    Pretty, pretty! I have the ballerina skin up, and I have to say that I love the softness about it.

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