Hot again

It was kinda hot again today. The weather is strange around here sometimes. I think its supposed to be stormy tomorrow, which is just great since I’m afraid of storms.

I went by the English office today at school to pick up my certificate and pin from Sigma Kappa Delta. I missed the induction ceremony last Friday.

I have an essay to write for Philosophy over the weekend, which will probably not be fun. The topic for it is the same as a topic that we had in Ethics a few weeks ago. I don’t want to reuse the same paper because that seems kind of like cheating to me.

I’m very tired…I’m tempted to just go take a shower and put on my pajamas right now. Of course, I still wouldn’t be going to bed for several more hours, so it’d be kind of pointless.

I don’t really feel much like blogging right now…so I’m sorry for typing up such a boring little blog.

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