Hot, hot, hot 4

It’s 73 degrees today. After weeks of 30-40 degree weather, 73 is HOT. It’s so strange to say that, and this may be the last time you hear me say that its hot this year. Once we get into the 90-100 degree days in the summer, I’ll be saying how cool 73 is.

You know, if I hear one more person saying how the Passion of the Christ will bring people to Christianity, then I will scream. Guess what? Non-Christians already know what happened with Jesus. Many of them know what we Christians believe, and guess what?! They DON’T share our beliefs about the whole thing. They have their own beliefs, and that’s their right. I wish people would start to recognize that the people of other faiths have a right to their beliefs and their faiths. If a person believes in Hinduism, then let them be a Hindu. If they believe in Buddhism, then let them be a Buddhist. If they’re an Atheist, then let them be an Atheist!

*calms down*

I’ve decided to give a few of my fanlistings up for adoption. It’s not like 2 or 3…its 32 of them. Of course, I have a lot more left that I’m contemplating giving up. So, if you’re interested, then go to the TFL boards where I made a post about how to adopt them.

I guess I get to vote for Kerry come the election, ’cause I sure as Hell would not cast a vote for George Bush. In order for me to even contemplate voting for George Bush, Bush would have to renounce all of his views on the issues. Then, if he did that, I would have no respect for him because he would’ve either been lying before or after his big switch on the issues…so I still would not vote for the “man”. I probably match more to Nader’s politics, but I refuse to vote for Nader because I believe that would basically be a vote for George Bush…and clearly, I am not going to do anything to get him re-elected.

Oh, and I’m going to do Unconscious Mutterings today:

  1. Hollywood:: fashion
  2. Censor:: tv
  3. Nascar:: Jeff Gordon
  4. Lube:: car
  5. Mortgage:: high
  6. Freedom:: religion
  7. Champion:: boxer
  8. Reality TV:: sucky
  9. New York:: subway
  10. Tease:: strip

Plugs: Joshie, Alison, Krissie

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