She’s back at home… 3

My parents did find the home of the dog that was here yesterday. Xander has been pretty sad ever since she went home. I guess he got used to not being the only puppy in the house. I think he liked having some puppy company, which is odd ’cause my family thought he might be too possessive with another dog around…but he wasn’t.

I’ve been trying to get into non-online things lately…like reading actual books again. I used to love to do that, but now it seems like I only read blogs, articles, and message board posts. It kind of has made me feel like I’m lacking something. Unfortunately, I don’t have books that I haven’t already read…and I don’t really want to read the same things over and over again. So, any recommendations for books (or anyone willing to send me a book) would be appreciated. About the only ones that I know that I want are on my wishlist, and the majority of them are either Buffy books or books that were recommended by Amazon’s little recommendation system.

I really want to rent the movie Thirteen. It looks like it’d be a good movie, very dramatic and realistic. Besides, I thought Evan Rachel Wood rocked in Once and Again, and Holly Hunter always rocks.

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