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My throat aches more today than yesterday. My mom asked me this morning if it hurt bad enough to go to the doctor…and I tried to avoid answering. I don’t mind going to the doctor, but I was afraid if I said yes that I would have to go to the emergency room (since it is Sunday) and spend like 4 hours there. All they’d do would be check my temperature, do a strep test, tell me its not strep, try to prescribe me some medicine that I either couldn’t swallow (due to the surgery) or that I’m deathly allergic to, and then send me on my way home.

Alison asked about if my mom’s job had insurance…so I guess I’d better further explain my not having insurance situation. My mom doesn’t have a job. She’s been on Social Security Disability for about 12 years now. She has Medicare, but my father and I don’t get covered by that. πŸ™

A lot of your comments (about my whining about not having multitudes of commenters) made sense. Still, sometimes I wonder what some of these more popular people have that I don’t. I guess all that they really have is more people coming to visit their sites…even I go to visit their sites, so I guess I contribute to their popularity. And I’m actually okay with not being Miss Popularity or what have you.

Don’t forget to join in on the skin/layout contest! I’d love to have bunches of entries for it. If you need any help trying to figure out what I like, then I’d suggest going to see what fanlistings I have joined.

No one has asked me any questions recently. You can ask me anything…whether its silly or something very serious. You can ask me who I like best on certain tv shows or what my favorite color is or how I feel about gay marriage.

So, tonight is the Academy Awards. I hope that Johnny Depp wins for Best Actor and that Keshia Castle-Hughes wins for Best Actress. They’re not the favorites (according to the “experts”), but I would rather them win.

About the Passion…I don’t want to see it. Too much violence for me. Besides, movies featuring God (in any aspect) should feature George Burns…since he’s dead, I don’t see how it could be very good. πŸ˜‰

I’m constantly re-organizing my wishlist. I love the new priority feature that Amazon has added. πŸ™‚ Of course, it makes me spend that much more time on fixing up my wishlist.

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