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My throat has been hurting off-and-on for a few days now…probably almost a week. It hasn’t been all that bad most of the time. I’d probably describe it as just an ache. The past two nights, though, at about 10, it will have a minute or two of stabbing pain. I’ve also been feeling more run down and just crappy all around. I know that I’ve taken all my vitamins and medicines…so I’m pretty sure that’s not the problem. I mean, I could be feeling run down due to my iron levels being low, but I doubt that would cause a sore throat.

I hope I’m not coming down with something. We lose our insurance after tomorrow. (We’ve been on COBRA for a year and a half, and my dad hasn’t found a job yet.) I so do not want to be sick after we lose our insurance…not that I “wanted” to be sick when I knew that we had insurance.

You know…in a way, I rather enjoy not having the comments showing up on here. That way if someone wants to start some kind of crap or drama or anything, then they really can’t…I mean, they can start it with me, but who in their right mind would want to do that? I still want to get the comment thing fixed, though. I just hope I don’t have to download WP again and re-install it and all that “wonderful” stuff.

I need new clothes…I mean, I seriously need them. The jeans I have on right now are falling off, and the top is like at least 2 sizes too big. I’m actually starting to wear tops that are XL’s instead of 1X-3X. As for jeans, I need anything from a 22 to a 25. (I’ll probably be too small for a 25 or 26 soon.) So, if you have any that you could send me, get in touch with me…either via comments or by e-mailing me. Or, if you want to make a donation (make sure to specify that its for clothes)…then maybe I can use the money to buy some clothes for myself.

Blah…I’m sorry if I’m boring everyone, but…I doubt that many people actually read my blog entries any way. I know I’m not popular like a lot of other bloggers, and I’m actually (in a way) okay with that. I mean, I would love to be one of those people who has like 100 comments a day…or hell, even 100 a week. But, I guess that’s not my “destiny” online. I shall never have multitudes of comments like Nicole or Rene?, but I guess that’s okay.

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