Rejoining Vortex

I just saw that Jennifer rejoined Vortex, but I don’t want to. I don’t really feel like I should be there. I mean, if I’m going to be deleted for not being one of the favorite people of Scott and for actually having an opinion of him (other than the “he’s so wonderful” one that everyone else seems to have), then I probably don’t belong there. I’m not going to be one of those people who just kisses his butt (and I doubt that Jenn will kiss his butt either). That’s not who I am. I may be a people pleaser, but I am not a liar and I will not lie about how I feel.

So, Michael Jackson has been arrested? Or he will be arrested? Honestly, I don’t know what to believe about him. I know a lot of people think that he is a pervert and all kinds of things like that, but I don’t know that I think that of him. If he’s a child abuser, then he should be punished. I don’t think, though, that he should be branded as a child abuser until it has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he is, in fact, a child molester.

I want a reseller account so that I can get a domain for Celestial, among other domains that I would like to get. I also want a reseller account so that I can actually make a little money, which is something that I need to do.

I had a geography test today, but I know I didn’t get all of the answers right…its not that I didn’t know enough for the test. Well, actually, it is. If you don’t give my teacher EXACTLY the right answer (which means the notes that we get from listening to his lectures–verbatim), then he will count off. Last time, I gave him a half a page a piece on the population rates of China, India, and Japan (which is what he asked for), and he counted a point off of each because I “didn’t give enough information”. WTF? I gave him a half a page each. That’s one and a half pages on population rates, which was the amount of information he wanted. I think I even gave him everything he told us. (Sometimes he doesn’t go over everything, and since we don’t have a real “book”, studying in there is difficult.)

In Biology today, my teacher gave us a genetics worksheet that she said we could do over Thanksgiving. It was due on December 5. Well, as soon as I got it, I started on it and I was finished by the time the class was halfway over. (It was about 4 or 5 pages.) I handed it in, and she was a bit shocked, but I told her that I had done Genetics before and that the worksheet was easy…so she understood that. I actually wish it had been longer ’cause I enjoy Genetics stuff. 🙂

I had trouble sleeping last night. The weather was keeping me up. There was hail pounding on my wall, window, and air conditioner at like 3 am. It was quite scary, and I couldn’t get back to sleep until the hailstorm was over.

I better go…ttyl.

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