What have I been up to?

It’s amazing that I can argue about just about anything. Did you realize this? I can even argue about milk. That’s right…I said MILK! I swear that I’m crazy.

Anyways…Everwood and 7th Heaven were very touching tonight, and I’m glad that I saw them. I think that 7th Heaven had a very important lesson, don’t judge people based on their race or religion or anything else.

I got my Spanish test back today. I actually was a bit surprised by the fact that I got an 86. I was afraid that I had failed, but I didn’t. I got an 86! Woohoo!

Unfortunately, I don’t think I did so well on my test today in Geography on the maps of The Orient (India, China, Japan, Korea, etc.), which were a lot harder than I imagined they would be. They were relatively easy, except I confused some of the rivers…bleh.

Oh, I’ve been working on Celestial and on several of my fanlistings. In fact, I added 5 new ones today, including one for the state of Alabama. You don’t have to be a resident of Alabama in order to join, just a fan of the state. šŸ˜›

I am exhausted, so I should probably get off the computer.


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