Why shouldn’t I be annoyed?

Okay, I am sick of people accusing Celestial of being a “new board”. Some people think I’m over-
reacting, but honestly, how would they feel?

Other people have accused me of ranting about this on some boards just to advertise Celestial. That’s not true. Why can’t a person rant anymore without being accused of having an ulterior motive?

So for the record, Celestial has been in existance since August 26, 2001. And if you want proof, then go here for a look at the original fps boards…long before I used XMB, YaBB, YaBBSE, phpBB, and finally Invision..

This is actually what I said to Shaun on Vortex:

How would you feel if you had been doing something for 2 years and people all of a sudden started saying they wouldn’t join them ’cause they were a part of the “new
board” trend? People have actually said this to me, and guess what? It’s annoying…I’ve worked my butt off for 2 years on making my boards great and I get sick of people saying that they’re just part of the “trend” or that they’re new or stuff like that. It’s very annoying, okay?

Oh, and before anyone gets the idea that I “took” (as in stole) anything from their boards to make mine…I didn’t…

I did get the idea for the Daily Debate from fu.CK, and I never have claimed that one as my own. In fact, I have told people who said they liked “my idea” for that forum that it came from fu.CK.

As for the Question of the Day forum, I’ve had that one for over a year (probably about a year and a half)…I think I started it when the boards were back on XMB (which was a long time ago). I did not get that idea from fu.CK, and I didn’t appreciate it when someone seemed to imply that I did. I got THAT idea from MSNBC…and technically, their QOD is a debate type thing, and that’s kind of what I wanted to do at first with QOD, so actually I got the Daily Debate idea from MSNBC and not from fu.CK.

BTW – I am not mad at anyone from fu.CK or Vortex…just annoyed.

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