Anyways…some woman in my Spanish class really annoyed me yesterday. She was talking about “missing” class on Monday. Her daughter had fallen out of a tree. Then, her daughter decided to throw rocks at passing cars. Eventually, this woman’s daughter decided to jump in front of a car, and when she did, she kinda hit the car. She got a concussion. Now, here’s the clencher…her daughter is 4 years old. FOUR! What kind of parent lets their four-year old child play in the street? Ugh! Honestly, this woman always kinda annoys me. She’s loud and shares way too much information all through class. She just disturbs class every single day.

I’m annoyed that this judge has basically said the “Do Not Call” list is not constitutional. That’s insane. I highly doubt that the Founding Fathers put a little “we love telemarketers” clause in the Constitution. It’s just crazy. I wonder how he feels about telemarketers.

Please go


Oh well, I guess I’d better go…ttyl.

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