Does it get any better?

I had a test in Marriage and the Family on Friday…I have another test tomorrow (in Geography) and then another one on Wednesday (in Biology). I’m thoroughly exhausted, and I just want to sleep all the time. It seems like sometimes my meds help, and sometimes they don’t…and its just driving me crazy.

Everytime I think life will be fine, it seems like things slowly start to unravel and I just don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like my life is destined to suck. Whether it actually sucks or not, it sometimes feels like it does.

I really hope more people will enter the layout contest…so, please enter y’all. You might win…in fact, there are only like 2 or 3 entries right now, so chances are…you’ll do REALLY well in the contest.

I added more pictures to the image galleries…still, if you have other pictures you want to use, then those are fine.

The only big problem I’m having with the contest (other than the lack of people entering) is that some people like to complain about the prizes. I’m sorry if they suck. I don’t have the money to pay the winners. I don’t have extra domains to give away. I don’t have money to buy CDs or burn them for total strangers. I am poor. And whining about the prizes isn’t going to change that!

do you have a poetry board – Yes…Poetic Heart

I know gastric bypass isn’t anything to sneeze at, but like you I don’t have just a few extra pounds – we’re talking about 260 lbs of me – ANYWAY… did your insurance cover the surgery? Or did you pay for it? How much? – Yes, my insurance covered my surgery. What they didn’t pay for, the hospital and my doctor had to write off.

hey, im wondering how i can get hosted.. plz send me an email: thx! 🙂 – I’m not hosting right now and I don’t know which domains are hosting…

s now , I might get a prize? – If you’re the 200th member or if you enter another contest, then yes, you may get a prize…

do you have pictures of elijah wood – No…

Are vectors okay for the layout contest? – Definitely!

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