If I keep this up

This entry may be a little gross for some…

Lately, I’ve been having trouble eating things…It’s so weird. One day, I can eat a food and the next, it’ll make me sick. I can’t keep certain things down that I could keep down a week ago or sometimes even less time. I can’t eat within 1 hour of getting out of the shower. I can’t eat scrambled eggs without EXTREME pain. It’s all just so frustrating. If I keep this up, I won’t have any trouble keeping the weight off, though. Of course, I may end up damaging my esophagus. That would not be good.

I e-mailed my French summary quiz to my French teacher this morning. I hope I did well on it. It’s an immersion type course (where they fully immerse you in French from the beginning of the class), which would be okay except that its also a telecourse. So, it’s a little tougher.

Please, would some more folks submit layouts for the layout contest? It would make me so happy. I’ve decided that you don’t have to code the layout.

Questions and Answers

how do i get mouse trailers – I’d recommend doing a search on Yahoo! or a similar search engine.

HEY BUFFY! – 1.) The question form is for questions. 2.) I’m not Buffy.

Will you marry me? – I don’t even know you, so the answer would be no.

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