School’s Okay

School is okay, I guess, but I am so tired and exhausted all of the time. I don’t think its from the surgery…I think its from the lack of medicine. And I can’t just go back on any of my medicine. I have to consult with whichever doctor prescribed whichever medicine I want to go back on. (I have a lot of medicines that I was on pre-surgery.) It would be dangerous for me to determine the medications and dosages to start back on now.

I get to go see my psychiatrist on Thursday…hopefully, he’ll put me back on my Effexor. Otherwise, I will go seriously crazy…and I’m not talking about the funny kind of crazy. I’m talking about the severely depressed and anxious kind. The kind that kinda forced me to drop out of high school my Junior Year. The kind that sent me to the nuthouse that Spring. That kind of crazy is not a good thing…

I saw the nutritionist today…according to his scales, I’ve lost 5 more pounds…yay! πŸ™‚

I took the quiz yesterday and I forgot 5 of the words (out of 20)…of course, that isn’t too bad considering that there were people who had taken Spanish in HS that didn’t remember 2 or 3 of the words. I have another quiz to do tomorrow. I think I’ll also have one on Friday as well…UGH!

Check out what I got from the Wysterian Awards:

Kay, yes, I used a French expression when talking about Spanish…I’m also taking French and I’m more familiar with French expressions. My father majored in French in college and has always (even though it usually annoyed me) tried to talk to me in and teach me French.

I guess I have a lot of Provance sites to catch up on… πŸ™

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