Tomorrow, tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the first day of my 3rd year (well, maybe 2nd and a 1/2…my first semester (Fall ’01) was only halftime) of college at Calhoun. Hopefully, it will be my last and I will be able to transfer to UTC. Then, I can work my butt off and get a B.S.W. (Bachelor of Social Work) and a B.A. in Religious Studies. Then, I can work for a Social Work agency, earn some money to go to Grad school with where I can first get my M.S.W. and then one day get my Psy.D. (Psychology Doctorate). Then, I can be a Child and Adolescent Psychologist. Okay, I’ve gotten off topic, haven’t I?

Anyways…in a way, I’m kinda worried about this upcoming year. It’s the first time I’ve had 18 hours worth of classes…once I had like 16 hours and I had to drop a class. Of course, that semester I had an English teacher that didn’t really like the way I wrote…until after I dropped her class. I’m taking Biology, which I dread. I don’t mind things like genetics and stuff like that, but chances are we won’t be doing that this semester, and I don’t want to take it next semester. I hate dissections, which we may be doing. The formaldehyde irritates my asthma (I learned this while dissecting a cow eye in 8th grade) and the whole process is just icky, and kinda emotionally tough for me. (I always think of the animals, how they had to die, and how in some way, by doing the dissection, I’m making the whole process “okay”.) I think there are other ways to learn about biology and anatomy besides doing dissection, especially with computers…there has to be a computer program to learn from.

I also dread the fact that I’m going to have to take a bottle of water with me to every single class. Some teachers may not want to allow me to do this, which may cause me to have to go to the Disabilities office and file a complaint…and I don’t want to do that. (I have to carry the water with me because I’m supposed to try to stay well-hydrated by sipping water all day long…)

I know I should just stop worrying, but I can’t.

Last night, I didn’t get to sleep until after 1:40 (I’d gone to bed at like 11:30). It was the 2nd night in a row that it took me that long to get to sleep. Then, when I get to sleep, I wake up every 30 minutes or so. Then, when I finally wake up at 8:00, I end up falling asleep for an hour. I’ve always had trouble sleeping when I was off my Effexor…even before I went on the stuff. I hope I have enough energy for class tomorrow.

I can’t believe how immature some people on LJ are. I was reading through one of the review “journals” and they were so clique-ish. It was absolutely pathetic. Then, when someone complained about the review they got, the people called them babies. It was crazy. I don’t blame anyone for complaining, since the reviewers were basically saying the journals sucked because:

  1. The designs weren’t just like theirs or didn’t hold up to the trend of the moment.
  2. The journals actually dealt with the real lives of the people who wrote in them.
  3. The reviewers had stereotypes that they thought each person’s journal should fit into.

I had heard that LJ was a cool place, but I really have my doubts now.

So there was a terrorist bombing in Iraq at the UN’s headquarters? That’s really sad and disgusting. You know, I hate when American soldiers get killed, but I understand their fatalities a lot better. After all, America did go in and bomb Iraq, which killed and maimed not only bad guys, but good as well. But attacking the UN? The UN was against the war in Iraq, and the people at that building were there for the sole purpose of HELPING Iraqis. It’s one thing to kill a soldier, but this…this is something different.

Oh, and the people who’ve complained about the hard drive stuff. I know that some of you probably thought I was being whiny, and I was, but I had gotten the hard drive when my parents actually had the money to get it for me (back in May). I lost a LOT of stuff that I had moved off of my main hard drive. I had moved it off of my main hard drive *the one that comes with the computer*–the only one I have now–(which only has 18 GB) because it was taking up too much space. Now, I have some stuff back on the main hard drive taking up the space, which slows down the computer. Before the computer I currently have, I didn’t have as much space on any hard drive…I had about 100 megs worth of space on a 10 year old computer (which was a lot more space than the 1st computer my family had). That was after a 2nd hard drive was added into that computer. So, I’ve had MUCH slower and MUCH LESS space…but that was a different time and I didn’t need as much space. Now, I need MORE space. I NEED MY 120 GB DRIVE BACK!!!

–And part of why I was complaining about the 80 GB offer was that it would be a ripoff for me to have to downsize from a 120 to an 80, especially when I got the service/warranty package. SO GRR!–

Questions and Answers:

How did u get that awesome bg behind sarah and what is that cool font called? – Well, you’d probably need to ask Melissa for the specifics on how she made this awesome layout. I should know which font that is since I’m pretty sure I have it on my computer, but I have no clue…

How Do I get This Layouts? – This layout? Well, this layout was made specifically for me by the awesome Melissa, and I don’t know if she’d make layouts for other people…I think she’s pretty busy right now with her personal life…

where do you go on the internet to see pictures of fat kids – Um, I don’t know and I don’t really want to know!

what’s your farirate girl’s name – I have a few: Kezia, Zumaly, Tatiana, Ekaterina, Emma

do i look like avril lavigne – I don’t know you, so I can’t really answer that question…

anything on this site about slippers – No…

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