The Kobe Bryant Case

Some of my thoughts on the Kobe Bryant rape case stuff:

I don’t want to say that Kobe is definitely guilty or innocent. I do think that chances are he isn’t a rapist. Yes, he’s an adulterer, but so are a lot of married men and women that aren’t accused of rape. The way his wife has reacted at various press conferences and public events makes me think that the only reason that he slept with another woman is that his wife doesn’t really care about him. She seems more into the presents he’s giving her than the fact that her husband could go to jail for the rest of his life.

I’ve seen and heard many people say that he deserves to be punished regardless of whether or not he did rape the girl. I’m sorry, but if he didn’t rape her, then he doesn’t deserve to spend the rest of his life in jail (or even the next 20 years). Colorado has strict/stiff penalties for rape, and if he didn’t do the crime, then he shouldn’t do the time.

I don’t trust the friends of the “victim”. I think if anything, they are a major liability to her case. “Oooh, she’s so innocent and sweet!” Excuse me, but she also did a bad thing by sleeping with a married man. That doesn’t justify rape, if she was raped, but it does make me question HER character.

The prosecution really annoys me as well. They don’t want the press to find out anything about the 911 calls of the “victim”, yet they are more than willing to bring up ones that happened at Kobe’s house. Isn’t that a bit of a…I don’t know…double standard?

I think the whole thing is just…pathetic.

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