The Worst Part of Being an Overweight Child

Okay, on the noon news, there was a nutritionist or someone like that saying things about overweight and obese children and she was just annoying me.

First of all, she oversimplified the being overweight/obese thing. It’s not as simple as “overeating” = “overweight”. I know plenty of people who ate more than me who grew up to be skinny. And it’s not just junk food that fat kids eat. Yes, I did have some junk food and sodas growing up, but one of my favorite foods has always been brocolli. I have also always loved vegetables and healthy foods…and I think its wrong to assume that just because I’ve always been fat that I’ve always rejected healthy foods. It’s not always that simple. She also acted like all fat kids don’t try to participate in activities to lose weight…I was in dance for several years, thank you very much!

Also, she said that the worst part of being an overweight or obese child is that that child will become an obese or overweight adult. That is a bad part of being an overweight/obese child, but it certainly never felt like the worst part for me. The worst part for me was not looking like my friends and not being able to do some of the activities they did.


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