I’m about ready to sue

I wish I could sue restaurants, fast food places, etc. for the commercials that they’re airing. Those commercials make me hungry, and I know, I could stop watching TV…I could watch movies instead, but guess what? There is food in those as well. UGH! It’s just not right. Everywhere I turn, it seems like someone is promoting or talking about food.

Well, at least, I get to start full liquids (milk, pudding, yogurt) tomorrow. I feel bad about starting them tomorrow since my mom is just starting the clear liquids part. Kinda like I’d be as bad as those commercials…:(

A few folks have said that I’m the only person online whose had the surgery, which I assume means the only blogger who is under like 25 or so who has had it…I don’t know if that’s true. There may be more people who have had the surgery, but haven’t been as public about it. It’s something that some people may not feel comfortable talking about. I figure that I might as well talk about it, though…it’s a part of my life, just like school and other things…if I don’t talk about it, then I’m just an even more boring person.

I did spend yesterday at my friend’s house. Her cousins were there and one of those cousins was quite loud (she was 9), but you know, after living with Elijah for those few months, loud children is the least of my annoyments. (Is that a word?) I did get to go visit my mom twice yesterday, though, which was really good.

My mom got home about an hour and a half ago. She and my dad were running late from the hospital. So far, I think she’s okay, except she’s tired and sore, which I TOTALLY understand.

I can’t believe school starts back for kids around here tomorrow. Where did the summer go? I used to start back in the middle of August, but most of the kids from surrounding counties have already started back and kids from Huntsville start back tomorrow morning. It all seems like its too soon…the end of the school year hasn’t been bumped up at all…it’s still late May…what is going on? Are we trying to exhaust children more than they’re already exhausted?

Time for questions:
How much weight have you lost so far? — I don’t know quite yet. I’m not supposed to get on scales and check out my progress. If I gain anything (which is possible in the first few weeks from the surgery, the stress, the way some bodies react, etc.) or hit a plateau (later on), I might become really depressed and that makes recovery much harder…
Oh and I thought that since you were young that maybe they might not give it to you. Like what were the requirements for it? — My doctor typically does the surgery on people who are over 20 and under 55, but since I’m 19 and I meet the other criteria, he said he’d do it. (Criteria -for my doctor- include being 100 pounds over Ideal Weight OR having a Body Mass of greater than 40 or it can be >35 with co-morbid medical problems; having failed non-surgical measures within the last 2 years (preferably 5 years) with an established weight control program or a primary care physician; not have certain contraindications (heart valve disease, active alcoholism/drug abuse, cirrhosis, bleeding disorders, etc.); particpate in treatment and commit to long-term follow-up with surgeon, nurtrionist, and primary care physician; being in a support group; realize and understand the changes that will happen, along with risks and benefits; etc.)
How do I get hosted here? — Right now, unless you’re willing to run a network site, I’m not hosting any new people.
where is the fuzzy slippers — I don’t really understand this question…I guess I can try to answer it, there aren’t any for sale here, I just liked the name “fuzzypinkslippers”…
do you have AIM? What’s yor AIM sn? — I have AIM, but I’m rarely on. My SN is JanersFPS0217.

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