I survived…

I survived gastric bypass surgery…yay! I got to come home on Thursday at about 9 or 9:30 am, which was definitely less than 23 hours after the surgery. Today is my first day without taking pain meds every 4 hours…I still may have to take some pain medicine at bedtime, which hopefully will be closer to my regular bedtime tonight. (I’ve been very tired and pretty weak…) I’m still on a clear liquids only diet. That will end this coming Wednesday, when I will get non-clear liquids added in. Hopefully, I will get MORE (ounce-wise) at that time as well. Right now, I’m getting about 30 CCs of clear liquids every 2 hours. That is NOT much. It leaves me extremely thirsty. I haven’t gotten too hungry, though, except when my mom and dad had stirfry Thursday…and when they had burgers yesterday. Things that used to not look good look really good now, but I’m afraid when it comes time that I can actually EAT something that I’ll be too afraid to eat.

My mom’s surgery (same kind) will be on Monday, and I’ll be spending the day at a friend’s house ’cause I’m still not well enough to go with her and I’m not well enough to be left at home alone yet.

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