God help the outcasts or nobody will

Well, on Friday afternoon, as I was surfing through the boards of the enlightened bigots, I was banned from posting. That means, they can still talk about me and to me, but I have no rights and I can’t defend myself. So, why was I banned? Officially, this is what was said:

Per my comments: Attitude is what gets people canned around here 9 times out of 10, and we don’t cotton to those who just join the board to stir up crap for fun, to mock us, or more importantly than all, to mock God. No time or patience for it and DEFINITELY no footing the bill to support it.

And based on your response to this:
Christine: Your comments about this site being “contrived and cultic” were not lost on me.
Janet: Aw…too bad. I guess I could’ve lied through my teeth.

I can only assume that you are only here to mock our members and stir up trouble on what you believe is a “cultic” site. I suggested quite a few times that you lose the attitude. Rather than calm down, you sunk your heels in and threw more and more of it out. No bandwidth for you!

Edit to add: In response to this comment, “I really joined to learn about viewpoints that differ from my own.”, this was the problem Janet. You DIDN’T come here to discuss or learn, you came here purpously to tell this forum why we are wrong. Next time, think about taking a softer approach and discussing things with folks rather than jumping on thread after thread to tell people why they are wrong.

So, here is my response to this…right here on my own website, where I’m eating up my own bandwidth.

It didn’t matter what I said, how I said it, or what I backed it up with. Anytime that I said anything that someone didn’t like, all of a sudden I was the bad person. All of a sudden, I was the one who was being called a liar or being referred to as clueless. All of a sudden, my thoughts were Anti-Semitic or Hitler-esque. All of sudden, I was banned from a board for an attitude problem when all it was was a sarcastic retort to you endlessly making fun of me.

I was being made fun of by adults. Yes, I’m an adult, but I’m still closer to being a child in age than any of you were. I am 18 years old, and from what I read, many of you are MUCH older. You didn’t respect me because I was younger. You didn’t let me speak my mind because I’m not sharing your thoughts. You didn’t like my point of view because it wasn’t YOUR truth. It could very well be the truth.

No one knows why I went to those boards other than me. I DID go to learn and to talk about my beliefs. It just so happened that no one liked what I had to say. I wasn’t condescending, and I was never dramatic about it. Yeah, I made some sarcastic comments, but how was I supposed to argue logically with people who were comparing me to an awful man and calling me clueless and such? I couldn’t defend my beliefs and I couldn’t defend myself.

No, I’m not a conservative evangelical Christian. No, I can’t quote the Bible at will. No, I don’t know who’s going to Heaven and who’s going to Hell, but I know that you don’t know either…unless God himself has told you, in which case there are drugs to treat your hallucinations. I do know that you should never judge someone unless you want to be judged. I do KNOW that Islam IS a monotheistic belief. I also know that my documentation was better than certain other people’s documentation because mine didn’t come off of my own personal website. (Can we say biased?) I also know that you CAN’T literally interpret the Bible. (Have you ever seen Inherit the Wind? — Henry Drummond: Suppose God whispered into a Bertram Cate’s ear that an un-Brady thought could still be holy? Must men go to jail because they find themselves at odds with a self-appointed prophet?)

You say I’m so bad because I think that all women should have the freedom and the right to choose whether or not to remain pregnant. Do you want to make the choice for them? Do you want to force your own personal beliefs upon every person in this country, or maybe even this world? Do you want to take the gift of free will away from the masses because what they’re doing is unthinkable to you? I’m not Pro-Abortion. I don’t stand there with picket signs calling people names because they’re examining all of their options. I am Pro-Choice. Those who stand outside and mock the girls who go into women’s clinics for abortions are probably scaring these girls either away from God or away from getting ANY prenatal care, since some of the places that perform abortions also give cheaper prenatal care. I don’t go around calling Pro-Life folks Anti-Choice, which in reality is what they are. Also, taking away Roe v. Wade doesn’t eliminate abortions. It just takes away the legality of them. People will still have abortions as long as people are having unwanted pregnancies.

You call Muslims bad people because you think that you know that they’re all bad. They’re not. All white people aren’t bad, even though Hitler tried to kill so many Jews, Gypsies, and such. We don’t judge the caucasians, why anyone else? Why have a preconceived idea? Oooh…maybe it’s because you’re afraid. Maybe you’re afraid that someone who thinks differently might be loved by God just as much as you are.

Also, calling Mormons bad things is not exactly a way to get on my Christmas card list, especially when you know squat about Mormons.

So, if you hate me, go ahead…it makes your heart unpure. I don’t hate you. I don’t hate anyone. I am annoyed, though, that some people can be so close-minded and scared that they will not allow a girl an opportunity to speak her own mind.

Just remember that I wasn’t the one who made fun of you. I wasn’t the one who said that you were lying or revising things to fit your own agenda. I may have pointed out your flaws, but you can’t really think you’re perfect.

So, you don’t like me…Big deal! It’s your loss! I’m actually a really nice person.


There are 4 new themes for the message boards. Please, check out the boards…if you register then you can endlessly ramble about whatever (as long as you’re following the “rules”).

I’m still working on more of my projects to add to the site, too.

Also, I’m not mad at everyone on those boards. Some people were actually very nice to me. It’s just that some people really were annoying me with their “holier than Thou” attitude.

Eli – I banned you because for the time being I am not in the mood to be “enlightened” or have down votes on karma by you on my own blog. There is nothing wrong with me. I just want some chill time before you start replying to my stuff and telling me how you think that I’m wrong. There is nothing wrong with me doing that on my own website.

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