Ok…so…this makes me mad

I was surfing through some diaries after I checked out the OD fakers site to see if it had be updated. Well, it hadn’t but it does have a list of diaries that are fakes. So I checked them out. Well, I got to the last one (ValleyGirl) and on her diary description I got a bit upset. Here’s what she said:

Also, please bear in mind that if you want to be the totally most popular girl in school you CANNOT be fat. I’m sure you can be kinda fat and semi-popular, but c’mon let’s aim high here peepelz!

Yeah, right! I’ve been overweight my whole life and popular. That’s because I was friendly and smart. People liked me for who I am and not for what size clothes I wore. She obviously is a fake. She probably doesn’t even have any friends. ‘Cause if she did, she would know that looks don’t matter when it comes to friendships. It’s the size of your heart that matters. So anyways…that really sent me into a bad mood. But I’m not gonna cut and I’m not gonna binge. I’m just going to write out all my feelings. I am going to get over my problems even if it kills me.

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