OMG – Ignorance, pt. 2

The basis of the Christian religion is that Jesus was God’s one son, and he died on the cross so we could go to heaven. Mormons believe God had 2 sons, Jesus and I think Joseph Smith ? And believe they can go to heaven if they’re perfect and will be the head of their own planet. It’s not always clear that thats what they believe though. Thanks for listening!! 🙂

Mormons believe God had a son, Jesus Christ (immortal), who died for our sins. They believe that Joseph Smith (a mortal) was a prophet (i.e. Peter, Paul) and he interpreted the doctrine of the church that they still use today. They believe anyone, except for the vile people who kill innocent people and others like them, can make it to Heaven. They believe in different levels of Heaven, as do other Christian religions (i.e. Catholics with Purgatory). They believe anyone with a good heart can make it to Heaven.

And how do you “know” so much about the religion? Were you a Mormon? Are you disgruntled because they build beautiful temples and you missed out on your chance to go before it was dedicated? Do you know any Mormons? Have you ever even been to a Mormon church service (sacrament meeting)? It’s very much like a Methodist church service. I seriously doubt that you have been to one.

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